Kekeke, so it’s official! Today is “throwback” Thursday! A cruise down memory lane.. ^^ These photos, though not HD, are of really good quality, so I’m loving them! ❤

10-0 (3)

10-0 (2)

10-1 (4)

10-1 (6)

More pics after the cut! ❤

10-0 (1)

10-0 (4)

10-0 (7)

10-1 (5)


10-2 (1)


10-1 (1)

10-1 (2)

10-0 (5)

10-1 (3)

10-0 (6)



Source: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Unseen Official MBC Outtakes Of Dara’s Episode In “The Return of Iljimae”" (24)

  1. garfieldz17 said:

    thanks for having this photos throw back were so much excited about seeing her doing acting even in a short roles like on her cass cf with lee minho

  2. My precious Dara is so so cute with her chubby cheeks! 😀
    This brings so many memories~ Dara and Ilwoo! hope to see you both working together again! <333

  3. Ahh..seeing this pics makes me want them to do another Korean drama, they have chemistry + their close friends in real life. So why not give them a chance YG?!

  4. Sandara Stark said:

    I’ve seen this episode of the drama on YT. They both have this unexplainable chemistry that translated to awkwardness onscreen. Hahaha This is where I discovered that Il Woo is a good actor. Very promising talent. And Dara looked so young in here! So fresh and pretty! They should work together again. A romantic comedy will suit them well! They both seem like fun people in real life! Hahaha

  5. I want them in a RomCom…and Seung Ho too with Dara in a RomDrama:)

  6. i want Dara in a drama with Ilwoo again >,<

  7. gosh, how cute are those cheeks!
    Dara, i love you, ur so pretty TT_TT
    why are these pics sprouting? will Dara be in a drama/acting job again?

    it must be so hard for Il Woo to act so indifferent towards her. ai, who could resist those eyes and smile?

    • Hi! Oh, I was just going through some old 2009 stuff and decided to search again in case I did find something new. XD Then I realized these were not posted on OhDara yet, so I here they are! ^^

  8. This “throwback” Thursday is really reminding us, that Dara is a vampire. Seriously, from 2008 (I’m sorry MV), to 2010 (drama) and 2012 (YG family concert), she looks almost the same except for the cute cheekbones.^^

  9. redstilleto said:

    Waah! Why do you look so good together? Dara looks like some 15 years old adolescent kid in those pictures!

  10. Dara look so pure and young!~ I want to see her in a drama next year!!

  11. princesscc01_ said:

    hmmm… This is suspicious. Did they release this recently or this was discovered just now? Even the bts with TOP… Is it possible that Dara is going to be in drama soon??

    Oooohhh I’m so excited!!!!! I want to see her in a drama already!!! I’m so excited to know her leading man!!!!!

    • OMG. You’re right! Aigoo. I soooo hope that’s true!:DDD I would be so happy if ever!^^

    • They were released a short while after the MV in 2009. ^_^ I found these around 2010-ish? I wasn’t with OD then, and I figured someone would find them and post them too.. But they weren’t just yet, so here they are in 2015 for throwback! And about the I’m Sorry BTS pics, those were posted waaayyy back, but got discovered only recently.. ^^ But YES TO DARAMA!

  12. They really do look good together! They need to be in a romcom type kdrama! STAT!!!

  13. first TOP , then GD and now ILL Woo ^^ *ehem ehem* Hehe

  14. i have this dvd.dara yurso beautiful.i hope to see u acting again…goodluck for 2013.more projects and awards to come.solo and group award..

  15. crying han river now b/c my precious dara is *insertallthepositiveadjectives*. ^___^ my darama in 2013 juseyo!!! gaaaaaah

  16. goddessDARA said:

    yay!!! sooooo precious!!! Dara!!! <3333

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