Gorgeous Dara is oh so gorgeous! ❤ And of course, 2NE1 group pictures are oh-so-precious! ^^ I am loving these photos! ^^ Thanks Melon Music Awards for these! ❤





More gorgeous, official MBC pictures after the cut!

¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_2NE1_03 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_2NE1_05 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø5¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø00

¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø_¼ö»ó4 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø_¼ö»ó3 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø_¼ö»ó ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø_°ü¶÷

¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø9 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_2NE1_09 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_2NE1_08 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø7 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø6 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø17 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø15 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø12 ¸á·Ð¹ÂÁ÷¾î¿öµå_Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿ø10


Source: MBC Music Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: MBC Music Blog Official Photos of 2NE1 During MelOn Music Awards 2012" (1)

  1. I love their performance here…It just shows that I’m missing 2ne1 a lot..I hope YG would really an awesome album for this girls. Goddess D is simply beautiful in all these photos. Long, shiny black hair really soothes her beauty.

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