Despite not being present at the 2012 MNET Asian Music Awards, various stars mentioned 2NE1 as their favorite artists! It would have been epic if they were there but despite their absence, stars didn’t fail to mention them! Other artists also mentioned PSY, Big Bang and 1TYM as their favorite artists and the performances they looked forward to for the night.




MC: What song are you thinking of right now? Ko Junhee: 2NE1’s ‘In the Club’. I’m very excited tonight and it feels like a club here.
Ko Jun Hee: I am personally a very big 2NE1 fan. The artist I am most excited for tonight is Big Bang.


(MNET’s Kollaboration Winner)


Mike Izon said that he his favorite right now is 2NE1’s “Lonely”! He also sang a part of the song on the MAMA 2012 Red Carpet.



Han Gain. People know already who I like.. but yeah.. I am looking forward to.. MC: Big Bang? Gain: Yes I like Big Bang and I like 2NE1 too.

Translated by: @kristinekwak; Caps by various sources!

Comments on: "Article/Caps: Stars Mention 2NE1 at the MNET Asian Music Awards 2012 Red Carpet" (9)

  1. I wasn’t as excited to see this year’s MAMA as 2ne1 wasn’t there to win or perform. I hope they can get back to the old 2ne1. I wasn’t feeling this “new evolution”. They’ve gone from edgy to looking and sounding like just another kpop girl group. I’m still a hardcore BlackJack btw. No hard feelings aye? I can’t wait for them to come back strong and edgy again. Supporting them forever.

  2. Adam Lambert also mentioned BigBang and Psy.

  3. i really regret that no 2NE1 in MAMA Award and no get Award from MAMA ,I think This year the stage of MAMA So good but no excited the same last year ok Big Bang so good at stage PSY too ,have alot of artists but some show some no ,oh why unspeakable

  4. it’s the only award show that we’ve been waiting for…..but hey look what we(blackjack) got?!!….they mention 2ne1…yipeee!!*rolls eyes* that sucks!!sigh…
    Blackjack is the most patient fans in kpop!!sigh..(no tv show/no kdrama/no MAMA,etc). Hey YG, stop being so f biased!!ugh

  5. MAMA award’s not the same without 2NE1 huhuhuhu:-(

  6. theiansako said:

    waaaaahhhhhh I just soo miss them performing @MAMA its just not the same w/o them kekek

  7. Is Mark Izon a filipino?..I’m curios..^^,
    too bad 2ne1 did not attend MAMA..but I’m happy that they will be attending Melon..hehehe..^^,

  8. YG family daebak!!! YG artists makes the crowd jump in excitement!

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