Okay so this is unexpected. XD I mean, the girls didn’t attend MelOn last year.. I think they attended 2009 and 2010 though. ^^ Since we can’t have MAMA, I guess YG is giving us MelOn.. Oh well, I’m just happy that the girls are going to attend something! Woohoo! ❤ Can’t wait for December 14! ^^


Source: YG Application

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Comments on: "Info: 2NE1 Will Be Attending The 2012 MelOn Music Awards" (21)

  1. oy yeah.. It’s okay to me that 2ne1 will attend in MelOn.. But I still want 2ne1 attend MAMA 2012 too !!!! :(( Hayyyzzz…. Every day I vote in MAMA for 2ne1.. but what happen? they will not attending … I’m dying T_T *DIED* Kidding.. Hayyysss.. PAPA YG,.. I Hate You 5x .. I feel like crying.. T_T I WANT 2ne1 in MAMA.. to make it more FUN and AMAZING /////

  2. Sandara Stark said:

    This is where she wore that black mini peek a boo number back in 2009 that splashed all over the news, right? She was dubbed by the press as the Queen of Melon! Well, I hope the fashion this time will be as interesting! Can’t wait!

  3. i’m still hoping for MAMA. But good to see them in Melon. Sigh. 😦

  4. could this be seen by live stream ? if not it sucks.. by the way i’m not watching mama this year! no 2ne1 no MAMA for meT__T

  5. remember guys that before an album comes up they’re not updating much which means they are probably busy filming, rehearsing dances etc… so lets all be patient kekekekkeke
    i want them to attend too but i want the new album more.

  6. Damn shut up people at least they’re attending melon!! They’re prolly going to comeback there, you never know ^.^ yay I’m so happy December 14th it is 😀

    • but our girls are the B-E-S-T… “at least” is not for them. They deserves the finest and all, not the second best……

      • and december promotion??? that’s weird. it’s a time of the year where there awarding ceremonies/music festivals are here and there. i dunno. id rather have them January next yr — full blast promotion, ORGANIZED SCHEDULE (PAPA YG U HEAR ME???)? T_T

        • Yeah! weird indeed.. I advise them to just release it next year, january probably!

          yg has been (for me) neglecting them.. cancelled comeback, cancelled world tours (some), not attending music awards (except melon).. come on! Bigbang’s much busier!! Gd’s solo album, top’s movie & seungri’s too, taeyang’s upcoming solo album… but they’re attending!! they have their comeback twice

  7. i’ll probably miss yg fam concert more. can already imagine what their encore song would’ve been… wouldn’t it be great to see all yg fam, including yhs, doing gangnam? with big bang’s and 2ne1’s very busy skeds, it’s understandable there won’t be any this year.

  8. hmmmm..mixed emotions~~Sad because they will not attend MAMA..Happy because they will attend Melon..hay buhay!

  9. Eeeh?…He always give them the second best!!ugh…MAMA>Melon!!!*Mckayla’s not impressed look*

  10. bbut I still want them in MAMA -.-

  11. ok …goodluck 2ne1…but i cant their epic performance in MAMA award….

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