Here are the girls performing at the SBS K-Pop Festival along with other K-Pop idols in LA! According to some people who were there, all fans regardless of who they stan, were all dancing and singing along to the girls! They performed Fire, Can’t Nobody, I Am The Best, and I Love You. ^_^

Don’t you guys just love what they are wearing? I especially love Dara’s outfit! With that short dress and with her hair down, she looks so gorgeous! They all do!!! 2NE1 jjang! <333


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Comments on: "Photos: 121111 2NE1 at the SBS K-Pop Festival in LA" (14)

  1. I too reviewed the fancams and 2NE1 definitely owned the stage!! From the screaming, fanchants and dancing/jumping of the audience one gets the impression that our girls really pumped up the crowd!! I hope my observations are confirmed by those who were lucky to be there. But for sure 2NE1 did very well last night! So proud!

  2. goddessDARA said:

    2ne1 is the BEST!!! and Goddess Dee is super pretty and sexy.. Snow White krungy!! 🙂

  3. I think snsd performed last not because they are much popular but because of seniority in the industry…nevertheless 2ne1 nailed it so for us bjacks it doesn’t matter who performed last..the crowd itself proved who owned the stage..

    • thats what also im thinking ..but how about KARA??kara is senior than 2ne1 but 2ne1 performed 2nd to the last before snsd..LOL…

  4. Watch the other fan cams and it seems 2ne1 got the loudest screams..
    the audience just love them and even said NOOOooo when they wave goodbye..
    I can’t get why SNSD got the last performance..
    well, they must have learned a lesson after this show..
    rock on 2NE1!!

  5. They should have been the last performer…coz it’s awkward for SNSD that 2NE1 got the crowd going so hyped up then bam! SNSD came, and became so so.

  6. Love the girls new look especially Dara, she’s so pretty in a dress

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  8. .,.,hi…,can i just ask something.,.,is 2ne1 or snsd the last performer,.,???.,.,because on a forum i see that snsd is the last while on the other forum,., 2ne1 is the last.,.i’m confused,.,could you answer me???tnx

    • SNSD performed last. 2NE1 performed before them. 🙂

      • .,,oh.,.,really???,.,i really think that 2ne1 should be the last because i heard that they got the loudest screams.,.,plus they are the most popular girlgroup in america,.,well then tnx.,,:)

        • can’t agree less!!
          oh my..
          well sometimes it has too be that way so they’ll learn..
          2NE1 owned the crowd..

  9. So.. who performed last? snsd?

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