Wow! Finally, the Wall Street Journal interview of the girls with Lee Hawkins!  Not gonna lie, I wish Dara, Bom, and Minzy said something other than their names, but I think CL did an awesome job. ^^ Gotta love all the DaRin/ChaeRa going on though.. ^^ CL keeps on bringing Dara in her answers. XD

K-Pop Group 2NE1 Discuss Breaking Into the U.S.

The second video is just a cut off the first one, at the last part. ^^

K-Pop Group 2NE1 Discuss Their Reality Show – Interview Excerpt


All four members of K-Pop Group 2NE1 — CL, Minzy, Dara and Born — talk with Wall Street Journal “Business of Celebrity” show host Lee Hawkins breaking into the U.S. and other markets with their new global tour, New Evolution.

Comments on: "Video: Wall Street Journal Interview with 2NE1 and Lee Hawkins" (13)

  1. […] Lee Hawkins was the one who interviewed 2NE1 for Wall Street Journal.  You can view the interview here.  […]

  2. Missy musni said:

    Dara was like .. Man ! Stop glaring at me lolz
    Blink blink !! 👀

  3. I agree Cl does a good job but for 2NE1 to succeed in the US, Dara, Bom and even Minzy will have to speak out more. And this is something they are capable of doing and it’s not even a bad thing for them to prepare and practice for this. They each have great personalities and It would be fantastic if these could shine through in the interviews to win more fans. It’s a good thing I know better, but to someone unfamiliar with their group, they looked bored and sleepy and only CL was animated ….

  4. guys check this out..

  5. i noticed that for most kpop groups it is the leader’s role to speak for the group. maybe its the same for 2ne1? only one way to find out is to ask them.

  6. delmariedan said:

    i dont know If its an order from YG on CL,they should help her so that she will not always say’ YOU KNOW”kidding aside:)LOL. bom is good in english and also dara as well, minzy is still learning…pls girls dont be shy and nervous…fighting!!!

  7. Who the hell is “B o r n” ??? it’s BOM!! XD

  8. That's_what_she said:

    I wish Dara would have spoken up during the ‘PR’ questions when CL brought her in to the conversation, I feel like the interviewer was looking to her to comment but she didn’t 😦 Honestly I think that if they really hope to break into the US market Bom and Dara are going to have to speak up and not just leave everything to CL cos it’s not a good look… they should take a leaf out of Psy’s book and just go for it!

    • maydelluna92 said:

      thats right, there’s no language barrier ,perhaps they need to practice before the interviews,,we gave credit to cl the fact that she is more articulate compared to the three girls, but as fans we are excited and glad to hear them speak and interact with one another.

    • I agree with your comment that if they really want to break into the US market then they need to speak up….watching the interview I sort of felt frustrated for CL that the other girls were not giving any input and helping her out…… I could imagine Lee Hawkins thinking she’s the promoter then how come she’s not talking and doing her role ?…. it would have been better to just ask for an interpreter and give their answers in Korean ..then at least the people watching would have an idea of what their personalities are like…. I mean I still love them of course but as a fan its frustrating not to see their usual bubbly personalities during the american interviews

  9. maydelluna92 said:

    i love 2ne1, i want dara,bom and minzy speak often to an english interviews, we knew already they understand and speak english well but only shy and awkward bc of their accent?!! go girls show your power,,lol!!!

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