OMG OMG OMG! How cute is this CF?! How cute is Dara?! She even fell so so so cutely! And watch her do her cute duck walk! Everything is just so freaking cute! ^^ The first guy, Mr. Candy Man, is cute too! Weee! Watch and enjoy! Let’s all watch on YouTube too and bring the view count up! ^^

Nikon 1 J2 Photo Movie Candy Man [Different Proposal Styles Sandara Falls In Love With]


Nikon’s third photo movie 😀
Three handsome men propose to Sandara through the Nikon 1 J2!
Which proposal style would Sandara choose?

Enjoy the Candy Man’s proposal, watch it!

Note: The note that Dara read in the pink Nikon 1 J2 camera says: “Wear them comfortably and how about a lunch coffee tomorrow?” ^_^

Additional info from Nikon’s Facebook: It was Dara’s first day working as an employee! And her fall was recorded in Nikon 1 J2! Would Dara accept the proposal of Candy Man? ^_^


Source: Nikon Imaging Korea

Translations by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ @ygfan4life

Get info on her cute partner after the cut!

His name is Yoo Min Kyu! He’s an actor, who previously starred in Shut Up Flower Boyband and To The Beautiful You. ^_^ Isn’t he cute? Now I can’t wait for Dara next two leading men! Woohoo! ^_^

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  4. reirathroiben said:

    The guy is too fr***ng cute.. Giving her his shoes, while he stays in his socks??! But, but.. does that mean he’s got.. small feet? Lol. Dara looks fantastic in that hair do. ^^

  5. she’s such a natural!!! kyaaa!!! i just can’t get enough of this CF…thank you so much NIKON!!! Papa YG, a Darama please!!! ^__^

  6. she is born to be an actress >,<

  7. OMG…dara is so cute…..i really want to see her act in a series again……

  8. Best CF from Nikooooon ❤ I just love this so much.

  9. daraaaa!!!! btw the guy is superrrr cute

  10. So cute! Can’t wait for the next proposal. I wonder whose that 3rd guy? His face is not shown… I hope his also famous! Ke!ke!

  11. Yoo Min Kyu is a rookie actor

  12. oh!! it’s him..i was wondering where I’ve seen him and it’s SUFBB…anyway, doesn’t he looks a little like our goddess’ fanboy Lim Juhwan?? or Joo Won from Baker King??ke ^^v cute ^

  13. cute cute commercial

  14. Dara on the big screen please!!! She sure got the talent. Kyeopta…^^

  15. Only Dara can endorse different products in one CF! So cute!!!!!! Love her pink shoes, although I’ll probably trip like Dara did in h CF….hahaha!

  16. aaah…finally new CF!!!! DARA-YAAAA why you’re sooo cuuuteeee???..^^ ke ke ke ke..ah LOVE IT!!

  17. omg dara cuteness overload!!! kyahh!!!..i love her lil scream……btw, that guys role in Flower Boy Band is so mean….but he so cute…..

  18. one of the BEST cf !!!! super adorable DARA!!

  19. OMG.. now who will be the guy who showed off his abs.. kyah! naughty me.. keke.. though this man is really charming.. kekek.. and DARA is freaking cute..hehe.. cant stop laughing her duck walk, soo cute..

  20. Dara is so adorable ❤ YG please give Dara a movie or tv series soon. She's so cute and she's a natural actress.

  21. DRAMA Series for Sandara Park!!!!!!!!!!!YG ,, its time for the drama..

  22. i love you nikon,,,Ssandara freaking good,,,so cute,,hahah!! she also endorsed adidas,,hahha!! put Ssandara on the drama…. she act very well as usual…

  23. vitadolcemoderato said:

    dont remember seeing him in to the beautiful you… i have to rewind…. lol, but seriously dara needs to start a drama series!

  24. OMG!! Thank you Nikon!! I so love you! lol. Cute Dara should star in a Darama..right now!! Did I already say that I love Nikon? I love you Nikon!!! LOL.

  25. Oh~~he is like Dara unnie’s style, pretty boy!
    That was soooooooooooooo cute..he’s so pretty boy.
    Dara you’re the best!

  26. Dara is so uber cute here. This just want me more for her to do a K-DRAMA or K-MOVIE whichever is it, I just want her to see the big or small screen to act again.

  27. It’s soooo funny and romantic!!! I love our babygirl’s acting!!!! I love everything about her! And Min Kyu is soooo cute! XD

  28. this is soooo soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!!!!!!!!! DARA UNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the guy’s from shut up flower boyband??? kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    oh…they subtly endorsed ADIDAS too…nice one!

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