Daralings are going nuts with curiosity! Who is @halmony88? Her/his account was created on September 18, 2012. He/She is only following Dara and Dara is following him/her back.  She/He has only two tweets, one is saying hello and the other one is telling Dara that she/he still doesn’t have a DP! ^^

HALMONY88: Hihi How are you??

HALMONYY88: @krungy21 .. Krung I still don’t have a photo in my dp ..  ✌✌

DARA: @halmony88 Lola (Grandmother/Halmeoni)!!! So many are curious about you! Bwahahahaha…. My friends will lose their privacy. Its funny hehehe

HALMONY88: @krungy 21 .. I prefer it to be broadcasted ke ke .. Where’s my DP ? Ok next week ..

This photo was taken a long time ago with the caption: “my handler… lola… and sisters ~ !” So, one of them is Dara’s “lola” which she fondly called @halmony88 in her tweet above.

Source: @halmony88 and @krungy21

Source: @imchie_b; Thank you!

Comments on: "Twitter: @halmony88 – “Krung, I still don’t have a photo in my DP!”" (6)

  1. “coz I do remember that @krungy21 called Elena Dela Vega “Lola”.. ” – @classique21

  2. I think it’s Roxanne…

  3. hmmm may be one of her ‘power puff girl’ friends?
    hope so!

  4. precie_dara said:

    di kaya c Roxanne to? oh c joross .. or Neri? LOL

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