Christian Bautista is a multi-platinum singer from the Philippines. He is also an actor, model and host. He was one of the performers in “The Party” when 2NE1 visited the Philippines and dedicated his song to Dara.

DARA: @xtianbautista waaah!!! “The Way You Look At Me” is my favorite.. I always listen to that song!!! 🙂

CHRISTIAN: haha ok i’ll work on it! good! “@krungy21: @xtianbautista waaah!!! “The Way You Look At Me” is my favorite.. I always listen to that song!!! :)”

Here are the songs Christian is talking about:

Source: @xtianbautista and @krungy21

Comments on: "Twitter: Christian Bautista (@xtianbautista) – “hey when can we have a duet?”" (10)

  1. Note: Christian Bautista is known at Indonesia, Malaysia and I think Thailand too, if I’m not mistaken..

  2. I’m exited to see this happen..Christian is one of my fave male singer in the Philippines..cross your fingers!..^^,

  3. Papa YG please let our Goddess D to collab with him….

  4. OMG! I really hope this duet happens. My favorite Filipino Singer and my favorite Korean (but Filipino at heart) Idol singing a duet would be a dream come true. I really think “The Way You Look At Me” and “Please Be Careful With My Heart” would suit Dara’s voice. Christian did an Indonesian version of PBCWMH right? I think he sang in English while the female singer sang in Bahasa Indonesia, so I think it would be cool if there would be a Korean version too. Of course it would be awesome if Dara sings TWYLAM too since it’s her favorite as well.

  5. Waaahhh.. I wonder if YG will say yes..keke..

  6. crossing my fingers~! aigooo.. ❤

  7. Haha… I ^hope^ it will happend! Papa Christian and goddess Dee… Fighting!

  8. Love their conversation..and love them both…<3 ..

    Note: Christian actually got diamond award for one of his albums..the 3rd filipino/a artist to achieve it..:-)

  9. papa christian!!! kyaaaa..dara is so adorable!!!

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