Behind The Scenes with 2NE1

“Facebook Live”

Source: @rrrlisarrr

Comments on: "Photos: 120822 2NE1 at “Facebook Live” and Facebook Headquarters" (2)

  1. The interviewer was noticeably nervous and not prepared…so frustrating that she was not drawing the others aside from CL to speak…frankly, I felt CL was trying to lead the interviewer to INTERVIEW…but alas, she didn’t get the hint…Nevertheless, was glad to hear Dara get to talk some…her visible excitement about going shopping the past weekend was cute!

    • I actually have the same comments about the interviewer. She didn’t try to draw the others out and I so agree that CL was actually trying to make the interviewer comfortable and to INTERVIEW. It was like CL was trying to draw her out and to at least try to make the interview fun. But just like you, I’m glad that Dara got to talk more. She seemed so interested in the interview and was so excited! ^^ So cute!

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