Wow! Dara, Bom and their connections! O_O I remember watching Dara and Bom sing and dance to SES songs on 2NE1tv, and now they actually invited Bada to their very own concert. ^^ Just wow! ♥

S.E.S BADA Supports 2NE1 At Their World Tour Concert

Singer Bada revealed that she attended 2NE1‘s ‘New Evolution’ World Tour Concert to support them with a picture!

Bada on the 30th, revealed the photo above on her Twitter and wrote, “2NE1 concert. I think it’s meaningful after becoming a senior to support my fellow juniors at their concert. Because I think there’s a lot I can learn from my juniors! BomDara thanks for inviting me~ I had fun at the concert.”

In the picture above, Bada is seen wearing a leopard print hat covering her eyes while smiling into the camera. Also, Bada seemed to have written the words 2NE1 on one arm and Bada on the other. In the background, many of 2NE1‘s fans are seen waving their glow sticks in support of the group.

Internet users who saw the photo commented, “They must have a warm sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) relationship,” “Both the senior who learns from the junior and the junior who give their senior tickets to their concerts are really pretty,” and “I really want to see the 2NE1 concert too.”

On another note, 2NE1 finished their first concert on the 28th of their ‘New Evolution’ World Tour Concert at the Olympic Park in Seoul. Their tour will consist of 10 cities in 7 different countries.


Source: kpopstarz

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  1. this is awesome! another 1st generation idol, is friend with 2ne1(Bom&Sandara)

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