Wooot! Dara’s hair for today is bright yellow! I LOVE IT! I swear, any color looks good on her!!! <333 I love the girls’ clothes today too! Awesome performance as always!!! ^_^

Credit: 2NE1@Youtube + @PawsUpFor2NE1

Comments on: "Video: 120722 2NE1 Performs “I Love You” at SBS Inkigayo" (25)

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  2. i prefer black/brown/red hair then weird hair color!!!Oh gosh…they dyed her hair tooooo many in a short time+ they shaved her hair everyday!!!!!!poor Sweetie Dee…T_T those egoist people will burn in hell!!!!

    • that’s a yellow wig…as well as the pink one…if you check their fancam leaving inkigayo, you will see that her hair is a different color…her current hair color i think is the one she has when she watched mblaq’s concert ^_^

  3. keke.. DARA ahhh.. i also notice DARA smiling a lot during the performance.. she LOOKS very happy..keke

  4. awkward610 said:

    I’m glad if they just settle with playing with the colour on dara’s hair for this comeback…and no more weird hair style for now…and i want to see top hair color next….^^

  5. seriously DARA so pretty♥
    pink,purple,yellow ^_^ i wonder whats next!:D

  6. Lucyp3arL said:

    Hope she’ll have the Bubblegum blue that TOP had

  7. Dragonfly87 said:

    Well, good morning sunshine!! I just woke up and was greeted by the sun! 🙂 haha

  8. I really like their s0ng I H0PE they win in mnet kpop star champi0nship. did u v0te f0r them?

  9. waaahhh!!! the hair s0 pretty! dara is pretty in any kind 0f c0lor 0f the hair and any kind 0f style, i like it! saranghae pretty dara*****

  10. dara_fan21 said:

    uwahhh! bright canary yellow. Now it’s quite easy to find where dara is at this performance… she’s very conspicuous in a good way…

  11. with that color , dara looks like anime character …
    so beautiful !!!

  12. amership said:

    looking at Dara w/ this hair color

    she’s like and ethereal goddess

    or a mermaid that comes to land

    aigoo such a pretty face

    too pretty that any hairstlye can’t degrade

    her beauty but compliment instead..

  13. lala011 said:

    DARA’S hair color..
    at MV- pink
    1st inki-purple
    seriously WHATS next?!!?=))
    BUT LOVE THIS HAIRTSYLE and hair colorS THAN palmtree hairstyle ..:)) i am happy that there’s no palmtree anymore haha!:p

  14. bam ratatata said:

    BTW i love the neol saranghe!!! neol saranghe dara!!

  15. bam ratatata said:

    whew CL bring it back sounds too strong here..

  16. dara neul saranghae moves so pretty cute ^_^

  17. Waaah!!! Yellow hair! But i like the purple hair more ^^


  19. Oh yeah! She’s really rocking the freaking hair! And she’s smiling more in this perf!
    Goddess! Please don’t stop being gorgeous, fierce and cute at the same time! ❤

    I love her look at 3:16-3:19!! *_*

  20. WAAHH OMG!! i’m loving DARA’S hair!!! u rock it girl!!!

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