They have such perfect genes and I’ll forever be jealous! THUNDER BB COME TO MOMMAAAA! /closes Dara’s eyes while I kidnap Thunder And LOL Dara, so proud and I think a bit relieved that Thunder said that he likes her undercut. ^_^

큰누나와 막둥이!^_^ 누나의 반삭에 대해서?!? 잘 어울려서 좋았다~ 라고 말하는 멋진남자! 내동생이에요~^_________^v

Eldest sister and maknae Doongie! ^_^ What about noona’s shaved head hairstyle?!? This totally nice guy said ~ that it matches me really well! This is my brother~^_________^v


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara Reveals A Picture Of Herself And Hot Thunder Who Likes Her Undercut!" (19)

  1. standbesideyou said:

    wow they are both very handsome. When dara unnie stands beside doongie, she looks like younger sister.

  2. It will be cool if they also shave dadoongie’s half head… Lol

  3. i wonder if they have another siblings photoshoot. if yes, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thunder is very handsome

  5. there are sooooooooooooooo cutttttteeeeeeeeeeeee………

  6. Park siblings really have superior genes!!

  7. rtql8_en said:

    i was lucky enough to be their schoolmate back then, thunder really grew a lot! i remember him so thin during his grade school years.. lol

    • I am so effing jealous with you!!! did you get to talk with them? 🙂

      • rtql8_en said:

        no, but Dara’s sister, Durami, was may classmate (actually, we’re seatmates but she’s so shy so we don’t talk much, keke).. and Sanghyun was bestfriends with my sister’s boyfriend.. Dara started singing in our school (then she became an actress).. and the rest is history 🙂

  8. @t first glance i thought its elder brother thunder and younger brother dara… hehehe..
    fighting MBLAQ and 2NE1!!!!!

  9. sorry to say this..but thunder looks like siwon of suju in this pic….both gorgeous park siblings

  10. when will we see them again together in one stage….i mean….even just in an encore……dara is so tiny next to thunder,.,,,LOL….looks like thunder is more like an older bro rather than younger bro….

  11. ohmygooshh!! they look sooo CUUTE ❤ cute cute cute…rrrr makes me wanna pinch their cheeks so badly~~ ❤
    ahhh~ i miss thunder alot…
    I missed them together…Parksiblings ❤

  12. They’re both so handsome..ahaahha

  13. Tikilovesapples said:

    Perfect genes siblings O_O. Ahhh I see two handsome oppas! Kekeke

  14. petitedara said:

    I second Admin. I will forever be jealous with this siblings, super genes super kindhearted super god and goddess!

  15. new hairstyle for doongie… but i like his ‘don’t go’ hair do more.. nevertheless,
    they’re both Gorg….

    Doongie and Dara oppa finally reunited…lol

  16. sweet.. i really wish i have a good little brother …

  17. hehe…the cutest & sweetest siblings…
    God bless…

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