OH. MY. I think I just died!!! THAT WAS JUST EPIC!!!

Starting off with the most awesome intro I’ve ever seen!!! The girls were looking oh-so-hot combined with CL’s fierce rap!!! Oh how I’ve missed hearing CL rap! She did so so so well!!! <333

AND OF COURSE, THEIR “I LOVE YOU” PERFORMANCE WAS SIMPLY PERFECT. It was amazing beyond words!!! It was sexy yet classy at the same time! I love love the choreo for this song! I just love everything about the perf, from the clothes, to the hairstyles.. from the song, to the dance. Epic comeback performance right there, congratulations 2NE1!!!


Because of today’s performance, Sandara Park, “Bansak Sandara Park”, 2NE1 and Gong Minji trended in Nate! Dara even became Nate’s header. 


If the youtube link gets blocked, go here:


Credit: 2NE1 + @YouTube + yg-trollsonme@tumblr.com

Comments on: "Video/Official: 120708 2NE1 – SBS Inkigayo “I Love You” Comeback Special (Performance)" (20)

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  2. dear ohdara admins,

    i distinctly remember posting a comment on this piece yesterday. a critique on the performance of the girls on inki, just one in particular, the re-hashed choreo that were used on the said performance. nowhere in that comment did i bash, was i offensive or used expletives or stated an imagined lie… i didnt realize that pointing out an observation or an opinion contrary to that of the admins are prohibited on this site that now my comment is nowhere to be found on this thread. i realized its no longer here when i came back to read the lastest comments of the others and now i wonder if its a policy/routine that this site does?

    i was actually hesitant to write my critique yesterday precisely because the writer of this article/piece was gushing on the choreo as i have stated in my in my comment yesterday. but deleting comments that contradict those of the writer is not something i thought would happen on this site. hey, i thought u guys are cool with those kinda things as long as its within the boundaries of good taste.

    anyway, i admit to being disappointed. still, i will continue to visit the site ‘coz for me its the home of dara’s int’l fans and i’m one of them. in the whole kpop industry, i only love and adore one person and that is sandara park. i have no interest in the other idols so i wish for nothing but the best for 2ne1 ‘coz she is part of that team.

    meantime, lemme give some food for thought for the admins and to the BJ’s as a whole when confronted by criticisms, constructive or otherwise, against our idol/s… its not healthy to just “wanna hear what we only want to hear”.

    have a nice day^^

  3. love it…im a silent follower of dara…strted fom the philippines up to kpop…love it!!!superb!!!

  4. Dara’s dancing is so much better and relax now that her scalp is not hurting whenever she moves. The camera man doesn’t know when to zoom in to catch precious Dara moments..lols!

  5. Epic seems such a lame way to describe the flawlessness of their comeback..to describe how utterly perfect the girls are..just wow! O.O

    Oh Dara *sigh* aren’t you getting tired from being that gorgeous? hahah such an amazing performance..the set,dance,INTRO,lyrics,clothes & STARES..do we have to endure all these perfection every week?

    sidenote: Deukkie is getting waay to H.O.T.. I swear when he was caught on cam..My attention zoomed on him.. Only Dara made me snap out of it..hahah ^.^

    • OhItsLAI said:

      LMAO! Should I have said EPIC-est? Because OMG <333

      • O.O OMG I’m sorry!! I wasn’t referring to your description.. I mean the word itself seems so..lacking to compare with the performance..It’s..It’s just plain unexplenable..sorry -.-

        • OhItsLAI said:

          Oh no its okay! That’s how I interpreted your comment too! I feel like epic is lacking. Should be EPIC-est!!! ^_^

          • hahah then from now on it’s EPIC-est!! ^.^ New words New Evolution hahah ^.^

            -ahh..such a nice way to end the day! now I need to sleep..wake up in 5 hrs. & go to work! hahah goodnight ^.^

  6. Dragonfly87 said:

    Wait, is it just me or did I notice that almost all the MALE BACK UP DANCERS have an undercut like Dara’s?!?!?!?!

    Anyway, I don’t know how many times I’ve already viewed their performance… And every time I watch the part where CL says “Bring it back!” and they do that hip action with the guys’ arms spread sidewards in a line I can’t help but be flustered… Soooooo sexy!!! Girls, I can’t help it!! 2NE1 is the BEST!!!

  7. Dara was really working it!!! so proud@

  8. Dragonfly87 said:

    So proud of our girls!!! Perfection in all forms!!! ❤ And DARA… Oooooh… Dara, your singing is so jjang!!! She did so well that she sounds even better live which is a far cry from her previous performances since debut. She has improved so much, she should be really proud of herself! I know I am!!!

    Really, I am speechless. ^.^

  9. i like this perf coz…
    …it showed me that dara’s share of the singing was way much better than last year’s. thanks teddy/yg 😀 hope the same (if not better) goes for the other songs
    …the shaved part didn’t bother me. it actually looked like her hair was swept to the side, making her look oh so sultry. guess it helped that her hair was dark enough so the short hair was not so obvious even if she showed it to the cam
    …this was better than the mv. i dunno but i find some of the scenes there kinda awkward.

    bom seems to differ from the 3 coz she was projecting a more playful/innocent sexy with her white dress and expressions.

  10. im so SPEECHLESS…so proud with goddess

  11. hope to see their future performance in KBS music banks and Arirang channel…^-^

  12. That's_what_she said:

    So proud of them. Swag and class don’t usually go hand in hand, other than Beyonce I can’t think of anyone else that embodies both on the stage but now there’s 2NE1. Won’t be long…

  13. diana919 said:

    i really REALLY LOVE the PERFORMANCE!! excited for their future comeback stages ( still no Mubank – a little sad!! )… especially those wherein they can or possibly interact with other idols!!! excite for MNET!! kyahhh…
    they all rocked it… awesome intro too!!! i was like “YO! YO! UHU UHU ” hands in the air!! keke ^__ ^

  14. omo!!! it was amazing, exciting, and spectacular epic 2ne1 performance!!! looking forward to the next song releases!!!waaaaaaaaaah!

  15. Punkylovesjunky said:

    Can’t describe how amazingly the prfm is. Love 2ne1. U guys r the best of the best.

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