On the 6th, 2NE1 had an interview in the office of YG Entertainment and spoke of their newest album and what they have been doing recently.

CL said, “We came back with a single for the first time in a while and we tried many different things this time as well. We tried this genre called trot and I think many people are appreciating it because we expressed it with our own style.

Minzy also said, “When I was young I loved singing trot with my parents. Trot is something that requires the joy and sadness of life, but because I was exposed to it since I was young, it wasn’t hard for me.

At the end of their interview, the leader CL said something rather shocking. She spoke of the future of 2NE1, “The 2NE1 from now on? Honestly it might not exist at all. You never know the future. As for me, if the music of 2NE1 is no longer fresh and new, I don’t want to work as 2NE1 anymore. The 2NE1 that’s not new and fresh is not 2NE1. That just shows our determination to show more of our unique colors. Nothing serious (laughs).”


Source: kpopstarz
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Comments on: "News: 2NE1, “If Our Music Isn’t New Anymore, We Will Quit”" (3)

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  2. “That just shows our determination to show more of our unique colors. Nothing serious (laughs).”
    nice one CL.( the laugh part)
    after the seriousness, happiness..ahhaha

  3. hehehe thats 2ne1 super famous. becoz of there determination… CL,Bom, DARA, Minzy NolZa!!!!

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