I’m pretty sure the girls would be giving us something new, they always do! ^_^

2NE1 reveals snippet of world tour setlist

K-pop sensation 2NE1 has lifted the lid on the songs they will perform to at the girls’ first world tour concert that will kick off in three months’ time.

2NE1‘s leader and rapper CL slightly opened up the details about the songs they will sing and dance to at the “NEW EVOLUTION,” while talking to local media outlets at a private interview held at the YG Entertainment office building in Seoul on July 6.

“We held our concerts last year and since then we’ve only released one new song, ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Since the setlist is going to be pretty much the same as last year, we’re doing some remix for all songs except our latest love tune,” CL said.

Regarding their upcoming singles, which initially had been planned to be released with “I LOVE YOU” in the same album, the girls said they are not sure when they will drop the next one.

“We wanted to do our best on each song and it was going to take us too much time to finish all, if we were to release them all in the same album this summer,” CL added.

“I LOVE YOU” is a mixed genre of electronic and trot music, which the members say is a unique musical genre in Korea that can be compared to the American country rock music.

The girls are receiving mixed reviews on social networking services online on their new tune, vocal style and concept, which have substantial differences from their previous releases.

NEW EVOLUTION” will kick off with the Seoul leg at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on July 28 and 29. The girls will take the show to meet overseas fans in Asia, North America, South America and Europe but their final itinerary has yet to be set.

The “I’M THE BEST” singers will stage the first live performance of their “I LOVE YOU” on SBS’ music program “Inkigayo” on July 8.


Source: 10 Asia
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  2. same set list? Please no more “Kiss” for Dara they need to let that song rest.
    If they can’t give her a new song then just have her recite a frickin poem with
    dancers doing interpretative dance on her back ground! I really like the sound
    of Dara’s voice that i would rather listen to her narrate a story for hours than
    listen to a double octaved froggy voiced singer belt it out.

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