Sobs, why? T_T It would have been great to see the girls on the show. Imagine the girls running as fast as they can, that would have been a sight to see! T_T But oh well, let’s just think of it this way, no variety shows means the girls could have more rest on this comeback and before their world tour starts. (Though, I’d still want to see the girls on this show one day!)

Anyway, fighting to the girls! ^_^ 

2NE1’s Planned Appearance on ‘Running Man’ Falls Through

2NE1’s planned appearance on SBS’s Running Man has fallen through.

Despite initial negotiations and discussions to have the 2NE1 members appear on an upcoming episode of SBS’ Running Man, the group has ultimately decided to turn down the invitation to appear on the popular variety program.

In between kicking off promotions for 2NE1’s upcoming new single I Love You and preparing for its upcoming world tour, it was decided fitting in time for television variety programs would prove too much.

In addition, a YG Entertainment representative added, “The 2NE1 members are rather shy and don’t fit well with variety programs. They would like to avoid appearing on a good show and end up inconveniencing the program.”

In addition, sources from YG Entertainment shared it is likely the 2NE1 members would not be appearing on variety programs for this upcoming round of promotions due to their busy schedules and discomfort the members feel on variety programs.

On a previous episode of Mnet′s 2NE1 TV, the members expressed their nervousness for a recording for SBS’ Strong Heart the next day and could be seen practicing their topics late into the night.

2NE1 will release its new track I Love You on July 5 and hold its comeback stage on July 8 on SBS’ Inkigayo.

2NE1 will also kick off its world tour New Evolution on July 28 and 29 at Seoul’s Gymnastics Stadium.


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Comments on: "News: 2NE1’s Planned Appearance on ‘Running Man’ Falls Through" (30)

  1. what i love about variety show is that it reveals the true personality of an artist even if their shy, too confident and so on. no matter what kind of attitude they have when they show up on a variety show it became funny and viewers felt like they started to understand the true personality of their idols, that’s why i appreciate variety show even more, and back to the topic, like many of you i’ve been really hoping for 2ne1 to see them on this show coz we all know that yoo jae suk is a big fan, and it’ll be a big help the girls to promote all of their shows coz a lot of people watching this show.

  2. SunHee Park said:

    They have great sense of humor! YG PleaseT_T Maybe CL, Bom and Dara because Minzy is the most shy but they would be GREAT! Mostly Dara and Bom!!

  3. Reblogged this on edherei.

  4. mydearsofie said:

    AISSSSSSSSHTT. my frustration is beyond measure!!!! Pls YG, make this happen. Runningman is super awesome!

    ifever this happens, I want Dara to team up with Kang Gary and Haha/Jaesuk.

  5. That's_what_she said:

    Like everyone else, I’m bummed they won’t be on RM in the near future but if it’s in the best interest of the girls then I totally accept that. I mean, think about what they have ahead of them: a major comeback with consecutive singles to be released, then an album, then starting a WORLD TOUR, all within the space of… 3 weeks??! Not even Big Bang had that kind of pressure! So they must be majorly stressed right now, I don’t blame YG for not wanting to add to their workload. And it doesn’t mean they won’t ever go on RM; personally I would love to see them come back to it once the tour is done and they’ve taken the world by storm – much more satisfying;)

  6. OH no this was my greatest wish! I truly understand their reason but really, when will they ever not be shy? They have to start doing things to get over it. I really really feel disappointed.

  7. lovelove said:


    • lovelove said:

      i really hate this when i wach running man i all way fucking think of 2ne1 but they have a chance to go and YG omg i want to cuz him so bad he fucking update those little girl video dance fauture 2ne1 that piss me out he should update thing about 2ne1 but hell nah and now he wont let 2ne1 go to running man ishhhhhhh YG and if u wont let them be around with other people of course they will be fucking shy i dont think that it is u just made thing up yg to not let 2NE1 go to running man i mean if they are shy they will be adrouble on running man i wana cry and when the fuck are they goning to be on a fucking show yg i think u really care about ur money and when they are on a show they really did a good job 😦 YG i hate u for doning this 😦

  8. said:

    i hope they could guest on running man or some of the variety shows…. uhu…. 😦 better luck next time, maybe someday they could improve their skills on variety shows , maybe they want to focus on their album and their hectic sched..

  9. Angelique said:

    That is sad. But it is just a fact that they will always stay shy if they never try to attend a variety show. If they never try to do something out of their comfort zone, they will always feel awkward about it. I am pretty sure that if they would let them on variety shows, they will get adjusted to it. I just find it kind of strange that they just assume that it is nothing for them.

    I just feel like the promotions for this comeback will suck, but I hope I am wrong.

    They should have another 2NE1 TV. It should fit perfectly around this comeback and the world tour and such.

    It is just to bad. Sigh.

  10. Ughhh. Sohee is shy and I thought her episode was really funny. I also think Dara was really cute on Family Outing. Maybe we should just trick them and tell them it’s an episode of 2NE1tv

    • tatashi said:

      ikr!!! Running man has invited many not so good in variety actor and idol… but they never ruined the show! 2NE1 should never worried that they would ruined the show. with kwang soo and haha and gary as the mood maker. and yoo jae suk as the mc.. the show will not be boring even you invite the most boring person in the world… you hear that yg!

  11. Yeah, I’m also disappointed about this, but I would rather see them in 2ne1tv, being healthy..[than knowing Bom have collapsed on RM show]. I wouldn’t want to see that come..

  12. tatashi said:

    imagine kwang soo dance battle with minzy, cl scolding jong kok, park bom running with rm members with her sexy leg and…… Running man fanboying Dara!!!! isnt that epic!!!! ghad! YG is so damn St****d!!!! this is the second time im disapointed with yg after the be mine song!

    • uhm..why are you blaming YG??

      • tatashi said:

        becasue i think yg is the one who rejecting the offer… not 2NE1. i think 2NE1 will be happy to appear in that show… but yg ent. dont have enough trust in 2NE1. 🙂
        but i dont hate him. 🙂

  13. that’s too bad! but how will the girls be good at it if they don’t even try and shy away??? hope we could see more of them…oh well, prolly their tight work schedule won’t allow them too…FIGHTING LADIES!!! ^_^

  14. tatashi said:

    NO!!!! I wwwant 2NE1 in Runnung Man!!!! I hate you YG!!! 2NE1 is shy and akward? okay…. they are are shy and akward… but the will forever be shy and akward if you dont send them to any show!!!! I am 100% sure YG and his mgt the one who reject the offer! My girls will never back down from any challenge!!! especially Dara! she even overcome her fear of animals!!! We Blackjakc should sign a petition for 2NE1 to appear in RM!!!! or make in a trend in twitter! #2NE1inRunningMan >.<

  15. I dont like what YG is doing with the girls.. I saw in one interview that YG wants the BB be in variety show when 2ne1 was ask ifwhy they seldom see 2ne1 in avariety shows..ill accept it for now but i wish yg will be fair..

  16. egliukas said:


  17. I’ve been crossing my fingers for this to happen. That would have been epic. It would have nice to see the girls even on just 1 variety show T_T

  18. I cant help but feel disappointed. What happened to “the members have expressed that they won’t let their fans down when it comes to their upcoming promotions.” when they delayed their comeback. Not attending variety shows is already a huge blow to me :(. I know its not their fault and i still love them anyways :D. Cant wait for their comeback tho. Just a few hours to go!!

  19. this is really sad 😦 i hope the girls will have more confidence in appearing on variety shows. not that i don’t want them to have rest 🙂 i love to see them more enjoying and playing. life is dull without seeing them after promotions.

  20. Awww that sucks. I always wanted to see 2NE1 in Running Man. I guess I have to be contented watching 2ne1 and Running Man separately 😦

  21. i’m torn.. :”(

    anyway, 2ne1 fighting~..!

  22. Oh God. That would’ve been epic. An epic goodness or a disaster, depending on the girls’ confidence on their variety skills. I love them, but I do agree that they are rather shy and awkward on variety shows. I’d rather have them be their natural lovable selves on 2NE1TV. Although, I’m still really, really, REALLY disappointed because I love the show Running Man so much and I’ve always imagined 2NE1 being on the show. Torn! Sigh.

  23. Why??? Let Dara and Bom on!!

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