The girls in all their full-colored glory! CL, Bom, and Minzy are out in their full color outfits, their poses the same as their teasers. But Dara is rocking her fierce new pose, showing off her undercut! Just got to love my fierce, fierce girls! ^.^ Dara looks awesome with her undercut, red lips and get this, Blue Contacts! Work it Baby Girl!

And woohooooo! “I Love You” release date on July 5! Mark your calendars, for sure this is going to be another big hit from 2NE1! ^^


Source: YG-Life

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Fierce Foursome 2NE1 In Full Color! I Love You Release On July 5!" (36)

  1. hi im from phil.and i want to buy there upcoming new album ..where can i buy and do you think how much ??

  2. OMG! So freakinggggggg gorgeous!! *Girl crush alert!*

  3. mybabysav47 said:

    the tough competition is only suju..the rest..never mind.dont hate me its my personal opinion.2ne1 all the way!!!

  4. and if she going to stay-up her hair on the top of her head like Mohawk = it’sTaeyang! gosh! dara is all about Bigbang! you rock it!

  5. Dara fashion style is all about bigbang i think
    Her shave hair = Seungri
    Her LOng seaweed hair = GD
    Her blue Eyes= TOP
    Her Sexyness and Expressions = Deasung
    hahaha! lol.. i LIke it very much Dara in my eyes you’re so cool and fierce! 🙂

  6. egliukas said:

    Blue eyes !!! ❤

  7. this is the first time i saw dara wearing lenses! wahhhh O.o!!

  8. Support 2Ne1 all the way!! a go go go!

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  10. fierce baby fierce!! i have seen a couple of female artist had this cut but dara ROCKS

  11. i’m so excited waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. eyes dara FTW!

  13. petitedara said:

    she herself is History in kpop history…!!! Ps, is she getting skinnier?

  14. Did Dara really get blue contact lens??? Omg I hope she wears those while performing!!! Everytime!!! Kyahhh excited!

  15. sweepberry said:

    I’m pulling ALL of my RANTS and hating her hair before… Now I’m totally Convinced!! it suits her well and Dara is a real Beauty above all odds! XD
    So pretty!!~ Dara how can you do that??… And her eyes are WOW! XD

  16. I dont care if they didn’t win on a music show…some of them are bias so idont care…i only wnt them to see them to perform live and rocking the stage,that no one can…be popular not only in korea but all over the world… It will be a perfect all kill!!! Blackjacks,and daraling NOLZA!!!!

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    The Bad ass Princess !! I love you DARA! You look awesome!

  18. tangerine_24 said:

    Oh God..I don’t know which one exploded first my ovaries or my heart…Dara-yah you’re making me feel so alive and refreshed…You’re the only girl who made me feel this way…It baffles me..not in a wrong way but still…gaaahhh..her eyes, her lips, her perfect… waaahhhh

  19. soooo fierce…
    cnt wait ..soooo xcited for their cmebck..
    but they wil face a tough competition w/ so many cmebcks lke suju.beast.t-ara..:-(
    hope Dara 2ne1 wil emrge on top
    coz thy truly are d BEST:-)

  20. I don’t even care about them winning! I just want to see them perform and more songs from them, I miss them so much and Dara looks so HOT!!!

  21. Lucyp3arL said:

    Dara looks fierce but then how come I somehow feel sadness in her eyes

  22. wow !! intense stare!!!
    sexy dara!!
    now she looked like more of Top lol with her intense eyes and sharp features especially er cheekbones!!

    soo pretty dara!! 🙂

    hey guys, so when yg said he’ll be releasing every songs in digital singles, does that mean the physical album is still not available until they finish promotong all of their songs??

    • guys!! help me to understand netizens opinions^^ please lol.
      i dont get why they were saying it will hurt 2ne1’s winning in music shows whereas they did that last year too right? and i see that they still won with lonely, Iatb, and ugly… so i dont get it why they were saying that??
      please enlighten me^^ lol

      • i think it’s because in music shows there’s a percentage needed for the physical albums sales and if they didn’t release the album they have no score in that’s really hard for them to win but we can never tell yet..but in Inkigayo there’s much possibility of them to won since digital sales has a big percentage in calculating scores..

  23. DARA wore contact lense.. it suits her!

  24. wow! marked! geez! ive been waiting for this! DARA gosh, your the best! can’t wait to see in MV’s wow! your freaking HOT!

  25. Dara looks amazing in this!! And I love boms hair color!

  26. 2ne1 looks fierce. can’t wait! ❤

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  28. dara wears blue contacts !!!! wow …

    she is really really cool !!!!

  29. I ♥ 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..^^,

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