YG Entertainment has informed allkpop that rather than releasing the entire album at once, 2NE1 will be releasing their upcoming comeback album in staggered releases.

The girls used a similar strategy last year for their 2nd mini album with successful results, and hope that with the staggered releases, each track will be given the spotlight equally.

“Rather than introduce the whole album at once, we want to focus on each song’s promotions,” YG Entertainment said. “Following our first single ‘I Love You’, we will release our second single three weeks later.”

2NE1 will be releasing the tracks starting with ‘I Love You‘, which is another work of Teddy, on July 5th, and their first comeback performance will be held on SBS Inkigayo’ on July 8th.

Source: Allkpop

Comments on: "News: 2NE1 to Release Tracks on Upcoming Album as Separate Singles" (4)

  1. Can’t wait to hear their newest album… 🙂
    Dara unnie looks awesome and chick with that hairstyle!!! She looks like ehem….hakhakhak…not telling…respect the rule.. 😀

  2. Reblogged this on edherei.

  3. I will be happier if they release a song once a week. Hehe!!!

  4. guys!! help me to understand netizens opinions^^ please lol.
    i dont get why they were saying it will hurt 2ne1′s winning in music shows whereas they did that last year too right? and i see that they still won with lonely, Iatb, and ugly… so i dont get it why they were saying that??
    please enlighten me^^

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