Okay, so out of the three teasers so far, this shocked me the most. 

Dara indeed is a fearless, fearless woman! Not a lot of women would go through this kind of radical change, specially when it comes to hairstyles! I love love love how Dara is so adventurous and how, I think, she’d be the only one who could pull this kind of hairstyle off! ^^

Sseriously, I am still in shock though LOL! But! Look at that expression on her face… So dramatic.. Le sigh my goddess, what have you done to me? XD


Because of Dara’s shocking transformation, she trended at #1 and then at #2 and #3 in Nate! ^_^ She had two trending topics up in Nate! News about her hair created such a buzz that even Nate’s header changed to her photo! That’s Dara, always the newsmaker!


Source: YG-LIFE

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  1. myappleheart said:

    Now I get why she had the white extensions on only one side of her hair. She was hiding her shaved side. OMG. ASDFGHJKL. Dara is really fearless. 2NE1 comeback! SHIT JUST GOT MORE SERIOUS THAN EVER.

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  3. wow. i never knew about the Nate header thing.. kekeke good to know Dara’s teaser just created a buzz in korean news…

  4. wow really unexpected, its not that bad she’s such a badass dara you rock!!!!

  5. Great! i was thinking for dyeing my hair again but i guess ill just shave some of it. LOL. j/k
    but WOW. THIS is a teaser. I thought CL’s was ok, but Bom’s and Minzy’s were kinda just ok, but Dara’s is really explosive!

    I LOVE IT! She’s amazing!

    Im really wondering what kind of song I Love You is to warrant this kind of change but im super excited!

  6. HOT DAMN! dara is just so aklsdfnuifnjsksnwl sexy mysterious perfect idek what my feelings are anymoreee

  7. This is what you call EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.
    Shoot, I nearly have to carry my jaw cause it dropped on the floor bigtime when I saw this like I’m still in shock right now
    I was expecting her hair to finally be straight jet black with her red lipstick looking at us with her fierce and beautiful eyes drawing us closer because of her beauty and this is what I get?
    From now on, I think I would just want them to comeback no more expectations because they are blowing me off the waters.

  8. silent_star45 said:

    From now on, I will start not to expect too much from 2ne1, LOL :)), The last time i posted that I will not expect too much from Dara’s teaser but look at her teaser now. I cannot put words to describe it.mmmmmmm, I should say STUNNING, I love the feeling when i saw the picture, i am totally shock and speechless. Hope this is the feeling that i will feel for their album, but still i will not expect too much ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Naomi Dee said:

    Deym! Dara is “taking advantage” of her out-of-this-world beauty..that’s why she can pull this kind of hairstyle like a piece of cake..she’s totally rocking it, swag-ness overload! Top 10 reasons why i love Sandara: 10) she’s hella funny 9) she’s crazy (in a good way) 8) she’s so charming 7) she’s unpredictable 6) she’s never boring 5) she’s hardworking 4) she’s a strong woman 3) she’s gutsy 2) she’s one talented lady 1) she’s such a good person. My list could still go on, that’s how great sandara park is..BTW, that’s really a shocking teaser photo, can’t wait much for 2NE1’s explosive comeback..the gorgeous hair emphasizes more dara’s goddess-like face..just look at her side profile, im so envious..hehe..i love her no matter what..fighting! 😉

    • you’ve got an amazing ten reasons why you love Dara! I am sooo happy that many daralings love and support her. 🙂

  10. YG is so desperate with Sandara, he probably want her to become ugly but whether good or bad hairstyle she can pull it off.

  11. princess18angela said:

    just when we’re spazzing over dara’s long curly hairstyle, here she is now.. with a freaking shaved head!!! i’m sooooo surprised..!!!! but looking at it, she totally ROCKED it!!! No one in the history of a kpop girl group did this and only DARA can ever pull this off!!! I bet many fanboys will flood in.. she’s so HOT!!!

  12. knownlurker said:

    Is Jive here? I want a male perspective on this cause to be honest this is such a TURN ON and I am not even a lesbian (most of the time I wish I am though).

  13. /buffering…

    WOW! My mind is still buffering and processing how Dara extremely rocks her new hairstyle. I was in my classroom when I saw the teaser photo of her and even my professor and classmates looks at me weirdly. I was giggling the whole time because of giddiness. Dara is freaking gorgeous! I actually love what they did. I trust YG and Dara. With just hairstyle you could see the sexiness and swag on her. I know there will be different comments about it but I don’t care. We, DARALINGS don’t care. HOHOHOHO! And oh! Haters will hate for sho but who cares, right? They could hate. No one’s stopping them. Hater love is love. On my opinion only. ^_________^v

    Long comment, eh? Sorry. I’m still so giddy about this. >A<

    I love Sandara Park!

  14. I loled yesterday when I read a fan comment on dara’s world tour photo saying dara should half shave her head too ala GD to pull that white extensions..but now O.O speecheless! if it was another american singer i’d shrug it off coz its done by few of them but its KPOP! no matter how bizarre the style of idols..they still manage their visuals & NO ONE as in NO FEMALE IDOL had done this & for dara to do this..she’s the visual too & even if im used to her weird hairstyle this was the biggest shock i’ve experienced this year..seriously! so this is what she’s talking about in her me2day.. I applaud her! there’s no trace of awkwardness or insecurity in that photo..damn fierce! all those so called radical hairstyle of female idols pale by a million league to this! Dara fighting!

  15. when i saw this a while ago, i was in my cousin’s wedding ceremony, and I literally “scream” when I saw our FIERCE GODDESS DARA new shaved hair! wahahah! that’s HOW SHOCK I WAS (but in a good way^^) DARA’s teaser is a BIG BIG EXPLOSION and truly ATTRACTS MORE NETIZEN to watch out for 2NE1 COMEBACK! WOW! YOUR the BEST DARA.. and your FREAKING SEXY! WOW!

  16. woahhh!! she’s totally the badass female singer! but i’m kinda of a bit disappointing of her clothes, i wish that she can pull off that hair with a sexy clothes, lol, anyway dara fightinggg!!

  17. sivviee said:

    OKAYY.lol. I remember my ‘prediction’ in twitter last year that someday we can just see Dara with a shaved hair AND HERE IT IS NOW! lol. And I said it maybe the time of America (I’m wrong there) and I DREADED that day.lol. I know Dara is in charge of the hairstyling and knowing they’ll be in america, they need to STAND OUT so I actually feared that the stylist of 2NE1 will think of shaving DARA’s head ala Britney’s style (lol) BUT OH MY!!!!! If this kind of shave she made then I SO AGREE TO IT! IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!! just don’t shave your head full, Dara. I still like you feminine!!!! I haven’t seen you in short skirts and short shorts! haha

    CONGRATS 2NE1! new evolution indeed!

  18. oh… the very DARING DARA!
    not exactly a fan of the cut but i luv this shot. wonder how she looks like upfront…
    gorgeous face, beautiful expression. she does resemble gd but her look is way much better than his. probably coz she’s a girl?
    did she had this since cannes? if so, then she can cover it if she’s not in a “bom-shock-a-look” 😀 mood. it wasn’t obvious in her mtv japan’s red carpet look, right?
    wud luv to read about fanboys/fellow idols’ reaction.

  19. I know shipping is not allowed here but the seaweed hair and now this half shaven head is definitely GD’s.

  20. OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!! O.O My mouth literally hung open when i saw this! Is this for real? I really don’t know what reaction should i have for this. Dara unni is one freaking brave girl for trying out this hairstyle if its indeed real! I can’t say that i don’t like it since the way i can see it, she’s definitely pulling off this hairstyle like no other! Sooooo cool! I admire you a gazillion times more unni! Still looking so pretty and gorgeous even with a partly shaved hairstyle!:)))

    Now my anticipation for their comeback rises like 500x higher! If their comeback is indeed a sexy concept, isn’t it very interesting and exciting too see dara unni promoting sexy with this hairstyle? BADASS SEXY THAT IS! =))
    2NE1 my forever favorite girl group!♥ Dara unni my forever bias!♥

  21. aGainn…..How i wish i can find Dara’s stylistS coz the First thing i want to do is to KICK them thousand times & SHAVE all their hairs………this is the MOst UnAcceptable & UnforGivable style they made with Dara!!!

    • oh please..stop it already.
      just be supportive..my gosh

      • sorry but i cant…Coz I cant take it any longer!!!!. all i want for Dara is the BesT……why its always Dara who made up with stupid styles! while the others are always looking better……

  22. We all love DARA,I really dont know what to say, for me its ok to have different and fierce image,but i hope she wont go too far…we all know shes nice ,sweet..so…but im still excited…cant wait…but im praying that TEDDY will give DARA more lines to sing,and stop using DARA as their mascot,or just a news maker ….DARA… I hope you know what your doing…or what YG is doing to you….trying to be positive,lets just wait…and see what will happen….first the BE MINE song..then this…what s next? this makes me LONELY….

    • awkward610 said:

      Hmmm i really feel the same…i hope she won’t go too far also with this visual thingy…but i think she approved of it since i remember somewhere a stylist saying something about their individual image…

      Looking at all this comment… i think just because we had a different oppinions doesn’t mean we dislike Dara…we’re on the same boat…just as long as at the end of the day we want the same thing for Dara…HER SUCCESS!!!…


  23. The hairstyle is so 2010, but it’s never been done by a female kpop idol before so it makes her sorta badass and it’s very shocking.

    I doubt Dara would’ve agreed to such a unique hairstyle if she didn’t approve of it. She’s tried hairstyles that she didn’t like before, but she’s always been a good sport about it.

    Let’s face it, no matter how radical or stupid her hairstyles and outfits look, she still pulls it off. The response her hairstyle has garnered accomplished exactly what they were hoping for — hype for the album. Well done, Dara.

  24. OMG! I like DAra’s New hairstyle! DAebak! badasss! i like her expresion.. hehe Queen of HAirstyles indeed! 🙂

  25. OMFG! i was planning to cut my hair like this a long time ago. but because of my work i cant! and Dara looks absolutely stunning, fierce and edgy here!

  26. ilovedara said:

    I LOVE U DARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EVEN IF you are BALD I WILL STILL LOVE U NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I PROMISE!!! (i think this is one of the promises i can’t break FOREVER)..!!!!!


  27. I thought when I saw this.. > GD wearing dress!

    LOL My eyes.

    She’s really dara! no one can do that! only her! so proud! XD
    I love it, she make that hairstyle looks good!

  28. mymaki82 said:


  29. tangerine_24 said:

    Took me more than 6 hrs to actually accept this hairstyle… I actually cried. But whatever…work it gurl. I’m proud of you. Such a brave cute ssantokki 😉 and that makes me love you even more.

  30. VelvetVarbz said:


  31. OMG!!!!!! DARA or GD???????

    • Addictedtodara said:

      Yeah. I was having second thoughts too if I’m seeing GD. But heck, it’s a girl and it’s DARA for HEAVEN’s SAKE!! Props for her courage to shave her hair like that. I wonder if it’s only on one side?? Hmm.. Anyways, I can’t wait for their comeback. July come fast!! 🙂

  32. Angelique said:

    Just no. I am not seeing it and I probably never will. It is not that I don’t think she can pull it off – because she can – but I just don’t like it on her. I know Dara is the one they experiment the most on hairstyle wise, but I feel like they hardly ever let her be the beautiful person she is.

    I am wondering if she already had this hairstyle in the promo video for NEW EVOLUTION WORLD TOUR and that that was the reason why she had the white hairpiece, so they could keep the surprise hidden for a little longer?

    I don’t know. All I know is I don’t like it. Maybe I will change my mind if I see her in motion or when I see the front, but so far a NO.

  33. ilovessantokki said:

    LOVE(!!!!) this look so much on Dara. She rocks the undercut so well. And yes, she isn’t the first female ever to have an undercut – but she IS the first widely known female Korean celebrity to do so and she rocks it like nobody’s business. Can you imagine any other “beauty” of Korea trying a look like this? Shaving half her head and still looking strikingly elegant, fiercly sexy, and still so flawless. No, Dara’s got the cahones to try it and she rocks it so well – I love it! Now THIS is a “crazy” hairstyle that goes perfectly with Dara. Babygirl looks beautiful! And if other kpop females try this look later, we know who they copied it from 😉

  34. Now this people is a true teaser!! what a SHOCKER!!!
    ahahaha..LOVE IT SO MUCH<3
    I was thinking to have this hairstyle since last year..and now she have done it.

  35. I wonder if this was the challenge Dara was talking about.

  36. Lucyp3arL said:

    Will her new hair style impact her endorsement contact with ETUDE House? Her innocent and charming image will have to be put aside until her hair grows back.

    • will she’s endorsing a make-up not a shampoo.
      and Etude House got Dara for endorsing their product even though 2ne1 is a girl group with fierce, mirror wrecking, bad-asses females.

    • ilovessantokki said:

      It’s easy to just swing some hair over to the side of her undercut and hide the shaved down part if she wants to go for a different looks, especially when she has extensions in. I’m sure the stylists at Etude could think of something, lol. She wouldn’t put one of her biggest endorsements on the line for a comeback look ^^

    • Dragonfly87 said:

      It won’t. That’s the purpose for wigs, hair extensions and other hair wonders. 😉 I dont think they would let go of such a credible and profitable endorser!!

  37. Lucyp3arL said:

    I wonder if Dara cried her eyes out when the stylist is running the razor against her head to rip her hair off. I feel for her

    • tangerine_24 said:

      It will grow back. Do you really think Dara is that weak???? I’m actually taken aback with your comment. Move on…

      • Lucyp3arL said:

        Nobody knows how she felt and never said that she is weak, however, as a woman, I know how it feels like when your precious hair is cut off to a hairstyle you don’t dig, not that I am saying she doesn’t. That’s why my statement started with “I wonder”. Geez get a grip and move on too… I am entitled to my own opinion too u know 😛

  38. that was unexpected…^_^ but the side shaved hair i dunno what its called suits her haha..
    im so amazed by her different hairstyles she really pulled it of ^_^

  39. mybabysav47 said:


  40. xandeelicious said:



  41. great as always….Dara FWT and btw i just read somewhere that their 1st concert is sold out alreadY congrats 2ne1…

  42. this is what you call..NEW CULTURE.NEW SOUND.NEW FASHION.NEW CHALLENGE.2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION..i just love dara..shes totally one of a kind…her comeback teaser was just liked a explosive BOMB..no one expect a hairstyle like this esp. to a girlgroup…she nailed it…pretty awesome…dara fighting


  44. I knew it! I knew she was going for this hairstyle! And it look so, so good on her!

  45. Oh my god…. this made me shocked!!!!!
    Aweeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeeeee Daraaaaaaa><~~~

  46. Honestly im disappointed and shock…i had a feeling dat she really doesnt lyk it but she had to take the risk..oh my i hope im wrong ,i thought dat yg wil let d world knw how pretty is dara on der comeback but y dis style?

    • we all know that she is beautiful, okay..and even with a hair like this she is absolutely gorgeous. And, she’ll not do this style if she hates it. They have their voice to their styles not like any other group in s. korea.

    • You really think Dara is weak enough to cave in to pressure and shave off her head because the stylists or YG told her to? I think she’s stronger than that. In all her interviews, it’s clear that the stylists ASK her if she’d like to try the crazy looks and she says yes if she wants to. She’s adventurous that way.

  47. Oh my ghaaaaaaaa!!! I abso-freakin’-lately LOVE her hairrrrrrr~~~!!! Ahah, W O W ! ❤

  48. ILoveBrian said:

    Hoooooly shit D:

  49. Punkylovesdara said:

    Dara… U ROCK!!! That’s why I love everything about u. U r just one of a kind. ❤

  50. SO S-E-X-Y!!! i wasn’t expexting this but What The Hell??>.. SHE NAILED IT!!!! Hair is the precious asset that girls treasures the most that is why almots K-pop Girls jst tries 2 dye their hair with different colors,.. but this… W-O-W-O-W-O-W!!!!

  51. They’re kinda late on this Skrillex trend, but I do LOVE it on her!

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    Dara you’re such a bad ass.. My goodness! Can anyone pull that kind of hairstyle.. Seriously, only DARA can do that!

  53. true badassss… SANDARA PARK!!!!

  54. egliukas said:

    this is really shocking!!!!!!! BUT! i love Dara with hear or without it so yeah …. Dara you are the bravest female idol ever >,<

  55. @myles007
    jst bcoz i hve dffrnt opinion i dnt luv dara…i luv her lke 4ever ..i tresur all her stuff evrsnce 2004..frm magazne(up untl now stil like new)to movies..i supprt evrythng to my fullst bst ability…
    theres no end to that….

  56. Aigoo thats what i said first….then wth,then hhhmmmm my daragon heart beat faster,then I LOVE YOU DARA….. end

  57. thnxxxc for having sme opinion…
    but like we alk do here..we supprt n luv her uncnditionly..bcoz shes worth it..desrve it…
    hope for a recordbreaking cmeback specially in album sales..n hoping she wil get to sing more lines…
    p.s.on a positve nte..i just rily nid to nsrt dat i wish w/ this style she wil get d attntion of jyj Jaejoong…my jaedara hart in on again..

  58. got a heart attacked but now has been revived and loving her hair. Better than palm tree 🙂

  59. Hey guys! ^_^ I know a lot of us wants to be positive and all that but saying that they don’t like Dara’s hair isn’t really anything negative. Its just a matter of opinion. And it isn’t hating. We all have different opinions. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lets just welcome all comments for as long as they are within reason. ^_^ We are all Daralings, no matter what we feel or say regarding Dara’s style (within reason) we still love her. So let’s welcome all comments that don’t hate, bash or anything of the sort.

    I personally love Dara’s comeback teaser. I really want her to snap her fingers and say.. “I’m werrrrking it gurrrrrl!” Hahahaha! Fierce!

  60. That's_what_she said:

    U better WERK, Dara! *finger snaps*

  61. that`s awesome!!!! ooh she`s not trying to be cute or beautyfull but she is the best..that`s my bias DARA!!! ^^ awesome hair cut!! that`s really shocking me! when I first see that pic I just thought ‘oh its Female GD’ (LOLOLOL)….this is really EVOLUTION!!! 2NE1 FIGHTING!!!

  62. ha ha love it !!! she is a” sundragon”

  63. amership said:

    I honestly dropped my heart upon seeing the pic…

    aigooo who would have thought that such hair style can make some one look so alluring, elegant feircely sexy..

    I bet she’s the only one who can pull it off and not looking like a mess and some sort of and addict kekke..

    Just like what the rest have been mentioning
    you indeed never ceases on amazing us w/
    everything you do may it be on your hair or your get up….

    though I still prefer the cutie and pluffy hairstyle
    Aigoo who wouldn’t right? she’s gorgeous so gorgeous…

    whatever I still love you Dara-ah

    aigoo fanboys hope your ok kekekekek

  64. petitedara said:

    I bet a billion of dollar that no one of female Kpop Idol can pull and be brave to sport that style. OMG!!!

  65. OK i’m shocked don’t get mad at me, i’m just saying that i’m shocked!! but then again this shows how awesome Dara is!!! she really is one of a kind, At first i was like OMG what have they done to her then few seconds later So COOL! Dara fighting!!! 2NE1 fighting!!!!!

  66. bLuegurL03 said:

    DARA and GD really match with each other, both of them really loves to EXPERIMENT or try something new with their HAIRSTYLES, and BOTH of them really ROCKS their hairstyles they can really pull it off with so much swag. 2ne1 and bigbang da best. Blackjack and VIP forever….

  67. a;j,xfeiureioqur;qx.,e!!!!!!!!!!! SANDARA PARK NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE US!!!!!!!!!!! way to go baby girl! this was totally unexpected but i just love love love it!!!

  68. this is the new sexy!!! only those who have perfect head shape can pull this look!!

  69. Noooooooooo!!!!!!! Waaaaaaahhh!!!

    • Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!

      2NE1 Fighting! Dara Fighting!!! let’s turn the negative thoughts to positive thoughts for a successful comeback!!!!

  70. Dragonfly87 said:

    Ohmygaaaahd!!! You ROCK, Dara!!! I am sooo pumped for 2NE1’s comeback just because of your hairstyle and aura!!

    I don’t care about what haters think, but I believe you symbolize the power of women in this day and age and how free we are to do whatever we want!!

    Dara, flaunt that hairstyle like a BOSS!!! You go, girl!!!

  71. i so love this…………..wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooo!
    more excited for there comeback! kyaaah!

  72. toktoktokie said:

    WOW DARA…! My goodness…! Hands down, Dee! Awesomeness just went ZOOM THROUGH THE ROOF!!! LOL. NEW EVOLUTION INDEED!!! Can’t wait for the comeback!

  73. SarangDara said:


  74. oooooh my..im fil lke crying..
    i hve ful trst n belve dat dara can carry any style…buuut dis is not wat i xpected wen thy announce that thy wil hve a touch of sexiness concpt on their cmebck..in my mind im thnking dat ds tym dara wil finally hve a lady like style but den this…i dnt knw wat to feel…our hair is our crowning glory so it hurts me to see that dara wil again is the sacrificial membr to alwyz hve a unique concept..at d xpense of dara..wen at dis age of her she should flaunt her beauty to the maximum..
    soriiiii guys..

    • well you love dara right?? well let accept what she like…and she like hot in that photo ..

      • like u said i love her..
        ive bin luvng her snce 2004
        and its untl 4ever:-)

      • i think it’s just a matter of personal preferences. When dara said that the new concept is sexy, we all have our own imagination regarding word “sexy” . i think jaedara love dara as much as we do 😀 . a little bit dissapointment may come from the mismatch about our imagination and the real thing . i think dara looks so fierce, but yeah a little bit of me want dara to be lady like, becuz of the concept of the group it’s hardly to see dara in the lady like concept. but whatever dara concept on stage, i still love her, i hope she can bring fierce yet sexy atittude on their comeback stage. can’t waitttt!!!

    • im just sad with this comment… you still cant accept the fact that 2NE1 is different and they will always try something different and push the boundaries..

      they dont need to follow the current trend of having lady like style..
      Plus their style is trying to break the obvious and still look Stunning and Beautiful with unconventional look..


    • myles007 said:

      Yeah, Im sad too that your feeling this way about Dara’s hair… You have just tolove it ok, I think it looks awesome and this just shows how versatile Dara is that she can really pull off any hairstyle.. And I’m sure Dara approves this kind of hairstyle on her.. The girls have a say in what they are going to wear and style they want to use.. Disliking this kind of things, means your disliking Dara overall.. Let just love it to have a positive vibe for their comeback.. 2NE1 FIGTHING.. DARA FIGTHING!!!

      • lets accept what she done ..afterall she is dara..lets all accept everything about her ..

    • I agree with you jaedara and this is coming from a fan of her since she’s still in the philippines and watching 2ne1 tv since the beginning. I know how she didn’t like getting weird hairstyle and for a female perspective I definitely feel for her. I just hope she didn’t cry while they shave her hair :(This is also the reason why I love her even though she dislike it, she still put on a brave face and carry it with style.

      @myles007 Not liking her hairstyle doesn’t mean we automatically disliking Dara. Sharing different opinion from others doesn’t automatically mean were attacking 2ne1 or Dara for that matter. We all entitled to our own opinion. ~_~

      Anyway I wish 2ne1 have a successful comeback. Can’t wait to hear their new single.

      • well, not accepting something about your idol for me is totally disliking her, just what myles007 said. A fan give support to his idol.

    • Me too, i’m her fan since 2004 and i dont really care about the hair style…. She’s owesome and she’s gona rock it! ^_^

  75. i wonder what is thunder reaction :DD

  76. F-I-E-R-C-E!!! I was like having a jaw-dropping face early in the morning!!!!!! I really didn’t see it coming even though there were hints from her me2day, her white clip-on hair, and wearing bonnets nowadays…….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! super excited for their comeback!!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ DARA and I ❤ 2ne1!:))

  77. Hey guys!!! Sorry, I just saw this photo and I think my mouth literally fell open in shock!!! Now THIS is a comeback teaser!!! I totally love it!!! THIS is my 2NE1! Daring, shocking! Woot woot! Something totally unexpected! Not the usual pose here and dress there… THIS IS A FREAKING TEASER! Wow! Someone please revive me….

    • I saw your DP in twitter……[ Dara and all her amazing glory!=)) ] and the shaved part is on the other side…….now I wonder, did she shaved her whole head?! OMG

  78. hahah no wonder they had that fake white hair clipped..because she was hiding this hair style hahha unnie jjang!! i don’t think i can ever never cut like that..heheh

  79. Hyuwhieyl said:

    OMG! I beg she can even pull a boy cut and would still look fab! So this is why Dara mentioned in her Cannes me2day comment response something about guess what’s underneath her long hair. Sooo excited for their comeback!!!

  80. I still don’t know how to react! Totally leaning towards loving it though! I want to see mooooore!

  81. miss_paisley said:

    I knew it!!!
    She’s tried a lot of hairstyles and shaving her hair would come along the way.

  82. I LOVE IT! I still remember when Gummy unnie had an undercut and she was simply stunning, and now Dara unnie’s also rocking an undercut and she looks absolutely gorgeous. YG ladies are indeed fearless and bold.

  83. Dara is the only person out of all the girl groups in Korea that has guts. She is what you call a trendsetter. I guarntee you that many female’s in Korea are going to try this style because of how good it looks on Dara……..I love her

  84. finalfantasyqueen said:

    OMG….. I’m so shock in Dara unnie’s new hair style. But still it look good on her.. 🙂 I’m still happy to see it…

  85. OMG!!! I’m speechless….Love you Dara!!!

  86. People… That’s right! Keep up the good vibes! So that they would have a successful comeback.. Karma baby!

    Her new hairstyle doesn’t take away her beauty.. It even highlights how stunning her face is….

    2NE1 Fighting! Dara Fighting!

  87. myles007 said:

    Ghad, I really really super love it.. I don’t care what anyone says… Dara really speaks the NEW EVOLUTION theme they have.. Its new and bold!!! Dara’s not afraid to take the risk of doing this kind of hairstyle and I super duper love it!!! FEARLESS AND BOLD DARA has emerge yet once again… Cannot wait for the comeback as in seriously, JULY 5 hurry up, huhuhu!!! Dara our very own resident chameleon the woman who can pull off any hairstyle and at the same time can look utterly gorgeous, I really don’t know how she does that, but I’m happy!!!

  88. faith19 said:

    whoooooooaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!what a shock!!!!!!!great respect to you dara!so bold!!!!!!!doing this kind of hairstyle.i mean!realllyyyy!!!!this is truly an EVOLUTION!SO this is what ur hiding inside ur beanny in france?oh my gahd trying to breathe right now!whhooooooaaahhh.need to calm down for a minute.oh my gahd!!!!!
    ur really anticipation worthy!

  89. It really looks good on her. I was shocked at first but it definitely make her standout. So bold and sexy Dara. Can’t wait to see her and the other girls. 🙂

  90. lovelove said:

    she look amazing go dara keep it up
    is this the 1 that 2ne1 to show the sexypic is this go with it
    i’m shock i love u dara

  91. omg!!! DARA SOOO COOOLLL!!!

    seriously, when i saw it first on twitter, my mind went completely blank, i was completely drained LOL!! i was like am i seeing this right??


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