Comments on: "2ne1_0705" (8)

  1. hi !!! well i agree to all of you because she is very beautiful no offense but i was wondering does yg hide her true beauty i mean the rest of the group is beautiful their looks is ok but to the always strange i don’t in my opion and sorry for the grammar. hehehe

  2. She looks like GD

  3. 4everbutterfly08 said:

    now i know why she asked the blackjacks whats under her hair/extension when they are in cannes

  4. Wow! u r the best sandara , love your hair style

  5. smileyme14 said:

    Oh my! That hairstyle reminds me of ehem… leader of idol group which belongs to the same company?! lmao
    I was shocked & surprised at first cause I didn’t know she would go that far with that radical hairstyle
    But she’s such a beauty, she can pull off any style and make it beautiful either way. What a goddess!
    Dara-yah, you’re so mesmerizing (& I’m a straight girl, lol!)~^^

  6. ah.. so that explains the white colored hair extension O_O

  7. daralover said:


  8. daralover said:

    I admire the courage to carry this look but i just dont understand why YG even thought of giving her this look
    ! She was so gorgeous with her normal wavy long! Why can’t she just be perfectly beautiful on this upcoming comeback? 😥

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