2NE1’s World Tour Poster Revealed – Members Show Off Unique Fashion

Group 2NE1’s world tour poster has been revealed, showing the members’ unique costumes.

On the morning of the 26th, YG Entertainment uploaded the official poster of 2NE1‘s world tour, on its blog (yg-life.com). The unique personality and charm of each member that was shown in their costumes, caught the attention of netizens.

Leader CL had an unusual unicorn design splayed over her chest, giving off a different feel, while Gong Minzy wore a long dress which clung to her body, emphasizing the S-line. Park Bom wore an outfit with a lively print, giving off a cheerful appeal.

In particular, Sandara Park drew a lot of attention, with her hair extensions, which reminded netizens of the long bangs that Big Bang leader G-Dragon sported during the promotions for their 5th mini album. White hair extensions were attached to the side of her head, while she posed with a haughty expression on her face. Although she wore a colorful long dress that reached her ankle, she still showed off a subtle, sensual, and sexy beauty.

Meanwhile, the group and their production staff, would kick off the New Evolution world tour in the local scene with 2NE1 having a two-day concert from July 28 and 29 at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, before heading off for their concerts in 10 cities in 7 different countries, including Asia, America, and Europe, as they plan to meet their fans from different pats of the world.


Source: Osen

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: 2NE1’s World Tour Poster Revealed – Members Show Off Unique Fashion" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. guys vote for dara everyday pls spead the article so manu daralings can vote here’s the link

  3. what’s up with those negativity??

  4. myparksanghyun said:

    i don’t feel the other poster of World Tour it seems the other girls looks back up! Hope YG change it!

  5. Nice.. Dara always manages to grab attention, especially when it comes to hairstyle <333
    trendsetter Goddess D FTW!
    I still love their comeback photos clothes better than these, but oh well..
    Dara will always manage to pull off just about anything, anyway
    fighting!!! 😀

  6. nyc_emj15 said:

    have you seen the other poster?!!! i personally don’t like it… it looks like cl’s concert then the rest of the girls are just backup can yg be fair of it and cl’s elbow is covering the dara’s pix?! i know cl is the leader but pls yg be fair!!!!

  7. vavava-BOOM!!

  8. petitedara said:

    I love how the dara’s is perfectly depicted in this article! so true…!

  9. ilovessantokki said:

    Though I’m not a HUGE fan of JS, I still like his creations and they always stand out – so it goes really well with 2NE1 haha. I love that Dara is showing a new side of her for this comeback too. We’ve had tomboy Dara, quirky Dara, chic Dara, goddess actress Dara… and now we have subtle, sensual, sexual Dara. She’s going to blow it out of the water for this comeback! I already see the fanboys lining up! 😛

  10. sweepberry said:

    All I can say is… HELL YEAH!!! #2NEW1EVOLUTION :3

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