Dara is such a skater boy in her get up! So hood, hood! Kekekek! ^_^ But I love love love her long, curly hair! ❤

Let us all wish the girls good luck as they perform at MTV VMAH 2012! ^^


Sources: @OMG_SANDAR and @kristinekwak

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 120622 Dara At Gimpo Airport Headed To Japan" (18)

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  2. so skaterboy,huh? ^.^ hahaha..i love her airport fashion,really….so comfy and cool…so dara…^.^

  3. OMG.. geez.. whatever DARA does.. she still LOOKs great! kyah! maybe she’ skateboards with GD and YB..kyah!

  4. skater boy, u say? is she planning to skateboard with tae and gd? taeyang recently tweeted about it. is bigbang still in japan?

    i think dara, their stylists (maybe even yg?) deliberately let her have those weird hairstyles particularly during perfs so that her appearance will still remain as fierce and as cool as the rest of 2ne1. yg did say he wants his girls to be those things and not beautiful, right? cl may often be styled as sophisticated and bom as sexy (those legs!) but whenever they let dara be styled in the same way as well, we know who takes the goddess crown, right? anyway, they’ve been taking pity on her fans–and more often lately… btw, i’ve noticed that their hair colors are almost of the same shade now.

  5. GOSH! She’s so pretty yet so cool! Envy her so much T.T HER HAIR IS DEFINITELY GROWING ON ME!=D

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  7. OH MY GAWD AT 1st pic and the 2nd pic..sooo pretty..i hope when 2ne1 make their comeback no mORE weirdstyle for dara pls..!!!

  8. Finally, it’s like an angel look at her hair and her beauty outshines them all Argh can’t wait. Yes, I want to fire Dara’s hairstylist hhehe

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    Like a little boy! kkk.. Dara so cute…

  10. soooo beautiful…
    hope she wil hve a feminine hairstyle on their cmebck…
    p.s..dnt get me wrng..cos im hurt dat in many artcle thy alwyz point out hw 2ne1 flop in japan…and t-ara attain success dan 2ne1. .soooo hrtng thse artcle…prying dat thy’ll mke it rily big in japan n ofcrse in usa:-)

  11. i think her look with long hair is for the upcoming album… maybe they are shooting for the album cover… or the look is for their upcoming world tour… i remember the press release on them having new looks.. cause their world tour is entitled “New Evolution”… i think they are trying to surprise us…

  12. How come she has long hair in evey piks but then you will see her diffrent hair in a perf or something ?? Isn’t that weird?? Like in Cannes .. She twitted in bj Twitter and her hair is soo long then they change it ..
    Hmmm ! No offence but they always give cl and bom a nice hairstyle mostly bom ..

  13. Sharlen said:

    Dara look cool

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