Oh my ghad! It’s here! It’s finally here! It’s 5:30PM, Pacific Time! Keke! ^^ The song is so so so good! Dara’s parts in the bridge, though short, are very memorable and she sung it in her sweet, refreshing voice! Gah! Love the song! Love the MV! Pretty Dara with her headband looking oh so angelic! ❤

2NE1 – BE MINE M/V by “Make Thumb Noise” Project


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  1. No such thing as small lines, only small singers, and even if she only had two lines, she sang them amazingly, and that is satisfactory for me. She has a lot of songs where she is one of the main singers like clap your hands, no one cares that in cant nobody minji only said
    ‘im so bad bad and im so good good’
    dont worry, just because she doesnt have slot of parts in this song, doesnt mean she doesnt have her own songs.

  2. zayyanz said:

    i’ve just watched the mv once and i have no plan on watching it anymore. dara already improve in her singing abilities it’s just that no one give her a chance to prove it and this mv/song is one of those songs that makes her looks least needed in a song. when we watch 2ne1 singing the “lonely” or “it hurts” i kinda feel awkward or uncomfortable watching dara wait in her part and just have to sing the shortest line and then wait again to finish, how much more in this one? i never once complain in any mv or songs whenever dara got the shortest line because honestly i just get myself satisfied in other things where she got to expose more but this one is ridiculous already. what makes me sad/irritated is that this is for “intel” a collaborated project from a worldwide known product.

    tsk..i don’t want to say this but sorry , i kinda feel they’re really just using dara as a face of their group and promotional purposes not as an singer. i’m so sorry..T_Y

    now i’m worried on their comeback even in their US debut.

  3. What? Dara was in the mv? Lol .. Yah not really that funny. To anybody that’s says her 2 line is perfect. Really? If you are a singer and you only have a two liner, you’d be satisfied? You do know how hard she tried to get in to 2ne1 to be a “singer” right? After working hard to be part of a “singing” group, you get short lines, you think that’ll feel good as a singer? If she is good in marketing products then she should be do more of those gigs and not call her a singer who doesn’t really sing that much. She said that she can’t do dramas right now because she’s concentrating on group activities, hmm yah her standing around cause she doesn’t have enough lines! That’s an insult and sad as a “singer” to just stand around or dance on stage cause you don’t have a line to sing, again as a “singer”. It’s like your a baker but you just watch others bake while your awaiting your turn to bake. It’s insulting and I feel sad for Dara. Again as a “singer”, she should sing. If she does other things outside of her “singing” career, it doesn’t balance out whats lacking in her “singing” career. Again, she’s a “SINGER” first before anything else.

    • @Bailey100%AGREE!!!!!! Oh God….I REALLY HOPE that they(YG staff) read your comments!!!!!
      Btw, She is not a criminal/murderer. So i don’t understand Why they are treating Dee so different (in a bad way=super less line/super weird style) from their other members? We(Dara fans) just want fairness!!!When everything fair, everyone is happy. What’s wrong with fairness?? Sweetie Dee HWAITING!!!!! T_T P.S: OHDARA staff please send these comments to YG!!!They treat her like a tool. No one deserves to be treated like that!!!T_T

  4. idk what to think anymore. no matter how i tried to watch the mv. something in me hurts. lol i love 2ne1 but i love dara first. soooo i better stop thinking for the meantime. i need to stay calm then carry on.. i’m replaying the song just to get used to it. This too shall past!

  5. atifa25 said:

    I like the song actually…but, is it wrong for me asking I just want to hear Dara’s voice a bit longer then just 16 seconds???
    well atleast my otp Dara and headbands are there 🙂

  6. Instead of watching the MV, i am wacthing all about Dara because i am so disappointed with their new MV….i am praying hard that they will not perform this on stage coz if they do i will be totally crazy sad for Dara.

  7. silentbj said:

    im been saving to buy this item cause of dara… to show my support to her… but the way things turned out? i’ve changed my mind… im not buying it anymore… reap what you sow teddy… intel just losses a sale… sorry blackjacks!!!but can’t take it anymore… before im just contented for being a silent blackjack… but now i can’t keep on being silent anymore… i need to voice out my sentiments to yg and teddy…

  8. egliukas said:

    i wonder what korean fans are thinking about this song?

  9. Aphrodite said:

    Damn! I 16 seconds?! Screw you! I hope this will not be sung live. Otherwise I dont know what Im gonna feel. I feel sad, disappointed and mad. This song doesnot even need “heavy” vocals. It is a song that can perfectly match Dar’;s unique voice. How could they! Seriously my daraling heart is aching. I love all the girls but this makes me wanna cry as a Dara biased.

  10. prettylittlebchi said:

    what the heck!
    every time they released a new album and enter a new era
    they also reduced dara’s line!!!!
    gosh what will happen to dara on their 10th album?…. one word left perhaps?

    • that’s very possible to happen… the way yg treated dara? it’s possible… i don’t blame other people saying dara can’t sing, dara is just a pretty face… because it’s what yg made them think… by giving dara a very short line in a song…

  11. I’m not really dara biased but i check out all individual websites because i love all of 2ne1. I understand your sentiments as dara bias but when you think of it, dara actually is given a lot of opportunity to showcase herself by yg and teddy. She has kiss, and don’t forget, ugly, in the club, clap your hands, love is ouch, i dont care and even fire where she got the bridge. Actually when you look at it, at least half of the songs has a loooot of dara in it. She only has short lines in it hurts, be mine, and lonely. Those are just 3 songs. Minzy only sang “cause im so bad bad but im so good good” in the whole can’t nobody song but no one really complained. I think dara is getting a lot of lines actually, except for selected songs, which is what minzy is also experiencing in some songs. Also, when you look at concerts, dara has a lot of exposure, like hello, or tell me performance with jinusean. Aside from that, you always see dara, because of her cfs and all whereas other members don’t even have ANYTHING to update at all for the past months. I go to others’ website and there is no news except for 2ne1 news. I just wish that you guys should be thankful in a way that you get a lot of dara doses compared to say, minzy or bom stans who get soooo little except for twitter. Dara is a talented girl and i believe sometimes she also agrees with line distributions. Because remember when 2ne1 said they take part in line distributions? Teddy has recorded them for so many songs now and this song he can only do for 3 days to finish it. What if dara had a sore throat or wasnt feeling well that time? Productions like these only has a day to shoot and sometimes intended lines don’t go to the rightful members because of external circumstances. This song is very rushed. No time to contemplate how many lines another got. I hope you guys read this. T_T I love dara and i check this site out too, but dara stans saying they are leaving 2ne1 as a whole because of this? What about CL, Bom and Minzy. So you don’t care about them anymore? Even if they are dara’s closest friends? They support dara too you know. Dara is CL’s president and bestfriend, you can see in 2ne1tv that in times that dara is sad or down, CL is there for her, all the time. Minzy idolizes dara unnie, and bom, park sisters for yah, each others’ vitamin. I wish we all reflect. If only for 3 songs, you will leave the whole fandom, then i guess, if another member gets almost no lines too, you wouldn’t care.I hope blackjacks stay united.

    • awkward610 said:

      I do felt bitter about this actually but when you put it that way….hmmmm
      *can we be friends ^^….. i need a few positive person in my life ^^v

    • tatashi said:

      why are you bring in minzy into this? this is why the war between blackjack happened. we never said that teddy should reduce minzy part and give it to dara. or cut some of cl or bom part and give it to dara. we just want dara to have few more lines.

      just look at other group like 4 minute and snsd hyuna with her solo and yoona with her drama and cf…. but they all still get to sing more than 2 lines in their group songs.

      and yeah ofcourse dara get to sing in hello and in yg concert, she get to sing with jinusean. so does bom, with her two solo song,minzy duets with teayang? and dont forget about minzy’s dnce performance with nicole, gain and hyuna. and the leaders

      just because dara get to do solo cf, she deserve the 2 lines? so, if dara act in a drama she will not have any lines?

      i see 2NE1 as one, i never consider my self as a daraling. i am a proud blackjack. and as a blackjack, when i see a members get to sing only two lines in a song where obviously her voice is perfect for the song, not that i want dara to have more lines than the other, i am very very dissaponted with YG and Teddy. but i will not leave Blackjack! i will just ask for teddy and Yg to hear my request ,give a little faith to Dara.

      • sorry for my grammar and spelling. 🙂

      • ckjack_bla said:

        I just want to point out some things. Dara have only 1 solo activity which is Etude compared to the “faces” of other groups. Also, Minzy’s part on Can’t Nobody although short is on constant repeat all throughout the song and I can’t think of any 2NE1 songs that she got short lines. Daralings or Dara stans only wanted to have an equal distribution of lines. Dara’s short lines in It Hurts and Lonely is bearable but Be Mine is TOO MUCH!!! CL, Minzy, Bom ft. Dara is not even appropriate! I’ve never heard a song which featured an artist who only sang 6 seconds! Dara is even part of 2NE1!!! WTH!!! Don’t worry, I’m still a blackjack. It’s just obviously unfair…

      • 100 % agree with tatashi ~ Dara only got 16 secs in a 4 mins long song !!! 16 secs!!! It is ridiculous for the group got 4 members only, 4 !!! Even the girlgroup which got 6-7 members also may got more line in a song if compared wif Dara’s part !!! 3 years already , I’ve get used wif the unfairness on Dara, but the most annoying is when we left the comment about our wishs on Dara’s lines without hurting anyones, others “bj” must will bash us and like an accountant, “calculating” the endorsement and solo of Dara ,and always said since Dara already got more chance than the rest so she deserve that few lines, wat the hell !!!!!! It is very,,, normal that idol got solo,endorsement and drama aside singing , but they “all” won’t like Dara,got only 20+ secs in a song, it is too pathetic especially when we saw their live performance !!! Dara seem like very isolated n helpless !!!

    • Just to be clear all the song you have mentioned where Dara has a little bit more line compare to songs they are releasing now, those song almost equally divided into 4 member ryt…we should only consider the song of 2ne1 as a group… come to think of it.. the so called exclusive 2ne1 producer is not giving dara more lines or create a song that will fit Dara’s voice where in other producers such as KUSH, Choice37 and GD produced a song that that fits her voice..

      • Well, i didnt like how gd synthesized dara’s voice in hello’s chorus, but the bridge made up for it .< i'm sorry if you felt that way </3. I just wanted to point out that all members have their disadvatages in yg entertainment. I was just trying to lessen the feeling of you guys that dara is left out 0_0. Anyway, 2ne1's last comeback song which is ugly has dara as the very vital and emotional part, this just means that the theory of dara getting more lines as time passes by is not really true. We just have to wait and see what happens. I wish dara would make a dara tv with her singing just like minzy. So that even if for example minzy doesnt get much time in 2ne1tv since it's mostly bom and dara she makes one herself. Dara can do that and make covers on her me2day :). Just a suggestion. So she can showcase her talent if she really wants to. I'm not saying she doesn't want to, i'm just maybe suggesting to her fans that is close enough to give her that idea so more people can see her talent ^^. If there's a will there's a way :).

        • I understand your good intentions. Really appreciate your action to help us Blackjack feel better. 🙂

          But the fact that Dara part in 2NE1 SONG is getting lesser is still annoyed the hell outta me.

          Ofcourse we get to see Dara everyday… via her me2day, she got more screen time in 2NE1 TV. and it will be good if she can post her singing any song in her me2day or post a video her playing guitar. But all these still cant satisfied me.

          i want to hear dara’s voice in 2NE1’s songs. not just in Ugly, but all 2NE1 songs. Why Teddy need to do things in a hard way. why must you make us unhappy?if he can give Bom, Minzy and CL more than 1 minute in a song, why cant he give Dara 30 secs? if he really cant make a song that can fit all of 2NE1 members voices. i think it is time for him to take a break.


    • The rest of the 2ne1 girls have proven their worth as a singer. But Dara’s has yet to be solidified. And getting less lines does not help. Infact, it adds to the bashing ideas that she is just the face of the group and weakest link in 2ne1. Even some BlackJacks thinks that way. As a Dara fan, how am i going to be happy about it? I was hoping the producer could at least push Dara into another level by giving her challenging parts and just by singing 2. Personally, I see her lines getting lesser and lesser. I don’t know with you, but for Dara followers it is obvious. This is not about who gets the exposure. This is about 2ne1 as singers — Dara as a singer. I hope you understand my point. The lack of understanding from fellow BlackJack saying she has a lot of exposure from CF so she gets less lines is absolutely absurd! And I agree with everyone else here..if she gets more exposure from her non singing activities, she gets lesser lines? maybe no more lines next time? I for one told myself 2 days ago that I will stop being a BlackJack for the meantime coz I’m sad. I was looking forward to Dara as a singer — not the endorser, not the actress but as a SINGER. And you can’t blame others for leaving. After all, it was Dara who made them love 2ne1 and the other girls. You just can’t force happiness and be okay even if you are not. We all have our own reflections…just so happen that they decided otherwise. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure this will pass by. Dara fans knows this cycle too much. At the end of the day, we still find ourselves supporting 2ne1 because of DARA! I just have to take a little time off as BlackJack and learn to forgive those belittling my Dara.

    • Hate to say this,but you dont have to tell us the things we already knew,we appreciate what TEDDY did to DARA and we are all thankful…if you listen to fire… lines are equally divided,but we all know DARA made FIRE song more popular…admit it… so its the vise versa…TEDDY atleast give her credit..though CL has line like…my name is CL from 2ne1,when MINZY dance ,CL said loud and long MINZYYYYY…same when its BOM again loud and long PARK BOMMM…when DARAs turn nothing,CL dont even bother to say DARAs name,but still DARA manage to steal the show,thats how AWESOME and CHARISMATIC DARA CAN BE IF GIVEN A NICE FAIR CHANCE, that we are always hoping each time they have new song…in I dont care DARA again steal the show,coz DARA has it ability to express and connect to the people to tell boys i dont care…they are all given solo,BOM top on chart win awards,same as CL and MINZY,but DARA s KISS song again is different aside from topping the chart,we all the famous CASS cm, again its makes TEDDY popular too,and YGE plus you know PROFIT..same as HELLO song w/GD…to make it short We Love 2ne1,were not hating CL ,BOM and MINZY… DARA loves those girls dearly…and you are the one bringing this up…we only express our disappoitment wondering why dont they give DARA more lines to sing thats it..and about the CF they have,dont complain why DARA is always the main endorcer,or being called the FACE of 2ne1 coz we dont have to explain it to you or to others coz I believe you all know the reason why..thats all PEACE…

      • this is a reply to somoene …who misunderstood us dara lovers..where is she? coz it caught my attention …

      • @maki100%AGREE!!!!!Every idol in the kpopworld want to be a singer/actor NOT an “endorcer”!!!!2ne1= they just have 4 members….NOT 9 or 48 members!!!Why they can not be fair ?!!it’s not make sense!!! T_T

  12. Dara not getting enough lines, i’m used to it, so it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I know most of the time she gets short lines, but we should all get used to it by now. Teddy has reasons why the lines were divided like that so let’s trust him. Her parts were short, but they were indeed the most catchy.

    • i’ve never heard members from the other girlgroup sing only 16 seconds!!!It’s definitely not fair!!!It’s REALLY CRUEL when she is the only one that is treated that way!! No one deserves to be treated that way!! T_T(first It’s hurt song,then lonely song,now be mine song) How could those man be so heartless to this girl? Sometimes i wish she was born in a rich family, so they wouldn’t dare treat her the way they do now.T_T

  13. this song is a big disappointment to me as a dara bias… hope that they will not perform this song live or else dara will look like a prop’s on the stage… and i’m not excited for their comeback anymore for i know Teddy will just treat dara as a prop’s…

  14. wildlifeshine said:

    every time theres a new mv/song, i usually watch until wee in the morning, and excited to go back after i nap a little, now i can’t…. i feel down…

    sorry but usually i never complain and post a comment like this before, just that im really upset…

  15. Unisoeul said:

    Love this song!! But why dara’s line so short? 😦

  16. Dear crush,
    Ive been waiting for you for so long, why don’t you just be mine. Everyday I think of you, there’s no day that I don’t think of you! I’m just so in love you with you. I know it’s too early to say that but since the beginning when I saw you I fell in love. I know we went out for a day and didn’t last long, but that 1 day I felt so happy for once in my life knowing that I have you. That one day felt like it was forever. I wish you’d still BE MINE.

  17. again the part of dara small again always and always kinda tiring yg president is so so unfair to dara..give her a break that she can prove to the world that she can sing act,wen she was here in the phil all of her fans believe that she can sing and act.i think yg president have a favoritism.dara is one of your talent that she earn much,

  18. #morelinesfordara

  19. i agree with all of you.. I’m so disappointed, it’s really unfair.. I want to cry and be mad as a Daraling.. But i won’t do that coz’ i really love Dara and i’ll just support them, i’m a Blackjack too.. But really i can’t move on, i’m really sad.. YG let Dara have more lines to showcase her very beautiful voice,even if you lessen her cam exposures.. I just want her to sing more in events and not just standing on the stage.. Please YG please Teddy.. Or if you will not grant my request please let our Goddess do her DaRaMA now! Please YG if you happen to read this.. Thanks, :)))

    • petitedara said:

      I agree with all of you. Is there any chance we can deliver our opinions to YG regarding this case? I have observed recent 2NE1 songs, apparently Dara always get the smallest part. It’s sad. It’s sad not because of I am a fan of Dara, but it’s sad to see a big agency like YG doesn’t let their artist to outshine more. More songs seem to just kinda prove people’s doubtful opinions about ‘Dara is only face for 2NE1’. It’s unfair in terms of YG does not treat and push all the artists to be outstanding in fair and square manner. We all share the same belief that Dara can do more, she will work hard, and I don’t get why YG doesn’t hold the same thought?

    • 100%AGREE!!!!!!!!i feeling so very sad right now……T________T
      Oh YG….Tedddy….CL….why?….. it’s so mean!!!! 😦

  20. guys! let us post our comments where PApa YG can read our dissapointments….DARA IMPROVES A LOT, but why still she got a shortest part….. =(
    I dont Care, Kiss, Clap your hand & Ugly were some song where it proves Dara can sing better .. =(

  21. honestly, right now..am proclaiming myself only just a dara stan,
    and withdraw from being a self proclaimed blackjack..
    huhuhu..i just want to rant and cry..i am so hurt,idk why..
    like if dara is in front of me now, i would so hug her super tight..
    and console her..why do i feel so bad..huhuhu

  22. amneeziah_9279 said:

    I thought it was only me!!! When I watched the whole video I wanted to rant on twitter but i thought other blackjacks would perceive my comments negatively and Dara would be the center of all the hate again which is rather not surprising at all… to be honest I was ok with the previous songs with Dara having the least lines but this one OMG I think this is too much… Im thinking how is Dara feeling about this… I hope that yg do something about this… If they can’t utilize her voice well then I think it’s time Dara do a drama!!! If yg can’t let me hear her in their songs…then at least let me see Dara in a drama… I’m mad as hell with all the comments I can’t imagine Dara hearing all these…I’m totally devastated!!!

  23. sad for me , dara just praised cause her beauty again cause her part ..
    many comments just ‘dara is so beautiful’ bla … bla .. bla ..
    yeah , i know she is beautiful (most beautiful for me) … but we know she is more than just ‘beautiful’ …
    i wanna read comment like ‘dara have great voice’ bla … bla .. bla ..
    i hope teddy compose song with more dara’s part there to show her talent more ..

    for know , I’m quite happy with this comment ‘her voice is fresh , sweet’ .. ‘her part is perfect’

    eventough i kinda disappointed … but i still love this song … love dara more …

  24. pommes21 said:

    im reading all ur comments and i all agree with u guys i mean the song definitely suits dara, i mean 2 lines in a 4 min song? cmon just her act in a drama YG if ur gonna be like this tskkk

  25. i feel all of you, i was hoping that since this is a cute song that doesnt need a loud voice, i was hoping that dara have a longer parts since her voice is so sweet & i think her voice suited for this type of songs like the song “LOVE IS OUCH”; i know Teddy is good in composing songs bt he should also knows how to compose songs that matches every member since theyre a group, he should give them equality … i just hope this wont happen again esp. they’re having their comeback.

  26. even though i love 2ne1 as a group, i could never say daebak right now! even non-dara stan can say clearly she sang few lines in this song and it is freaking obvious!!! it’s just so sad. i thought her voice can fit to this song. c’mon! it’s been 3 years since 2ne1 debuted. i’m sure dara is up to the challenge. she has improved a lot! who-ever decided the line distribution does not help dara’s confidence as a singer. hmp!!!!

  27. ill wait f0r this video! but i d0nt think i can watch it again because my heart is aching right n0w it’s s0 unfair f0r dara they d0nt think that the voice of 3 girls is loud and they give dara just like that, i d0n’t like t0 watch it again..

  28. marzixx said:

    I’m crying now 😥 It’s really disappointing…

  29. what’s that? that’s n0t a comeback,,, it’s a CF f0r INTEL. the song is nice but why dara’s part is t0 small im dissapointed… she’s not just a model for that product, and a lot of people want t0 see him singing a lot, how can she prove to people that her singing skills improve a lot because of his hardworking.. I love 2ne1 specially dara(*_*) but im still dissapointed because dara’s part is small, I hope next time it’s not like this.. thankx again f0r this video.

  30. NO!! i want more for dara’s line. after hearing this song, i’m kinda not anticipate on their US debut, i can feel that dara’s line… T___T this is so unfair!!

    • ssantokki said:

      chill dude! 😀 i understand what you feel, just keep calm and be mine LOL. :DDD

  31. youaredbest said:

    ”big deal… This wasn’t even for their comeback… It’s just a CF song…” Is what i wish my reaction was… But i can’t help it. To be hurt bec. Dara is my bias. Ok thumbs up for butthurt fans even though another kpop site critic will go against the comments that are most probably filling the youtube site, saying its bec she is the weakest singer, still it would be nice to show the fans that 2ne1 is fair show. They’re 4 members… not 9 or somethign!It’s effin disappointing!

    Anyway, saying dara should just diss the group is also disappointing, lets not get our hopes and gear up ok? I still think that 2ne1 has a long way to go before members going solo. Still love them.. GongBakSanShi fighting!

  32. ilovessantokki said:

    I have to agree… the song is absolute love. Very mellow and chill, it’s a feel good song. All the girls sound great and it’s an awesome song as a whole.

    But I’ve looked into it, and Dara got 16 seconds in a three and a half minute song. She sounds great, I love her part, but waiting a year and anticipating this song as much as we have, even staying up late to catch the release like I did, and finding that Dara literally sang 1/14 of the song is disappointing.

    I get that a lot of Daralings are disappointed, but please make sure you express yourself calmly and in a civil manner with other people. Watch what you say. You wouldn’t want to stir up hate for fellow Daralings and Dara herself because of some short-sighted comment. Some people are bashing on Dara already because Daralings have flooded the comments section with their complaints.

    I understand the disappointment. I feel the same, but make sure you express yourself in a way that won’t cause unnecessary conflict.

    Fighting and going at other Blackjacks’ throats won’t do any good for anyone.

    I still love the song. Anticipating more songs for their comeback ^^

    • i am reading comments also from youtube.. i can tell that Dara fans comment are just ok they are not saying anything bad about the other member but purely disappointment about her short lines…
      what really hurts are comments like “they only give her lines that she can pull” “she doesn’t have much line because she is the face of the group”… well as a singer these are not the things you’ve want others to say..

      • ilovessantokki said:

        Yeah, I stopped reading the comments because of the comments you mentioned. But I’ve also seen comments from Daralings like “I want Dara to leave 2NE1, she’s better off without them” or just expressing themselves in a way that can be taken as offensive to people who come to the video to enjoy it.

        I think people SHOULD express their disappointment in the song – I have – but people should keep in mind that fans are sensitive and may take things the wrong way. Some Daralings say their opinion in very abrasive ways that can cause conflict and stir up even more hate for Dara and Daralings. There’s no good in that.

  33. i’m really praying KUSH is still in YG composing songs for 2ne1… XDD

    • and also choice37 (not sure about the name) he’s the one who compose LOVE IS OUCH

    • ckjack_bla said:

      Kush is also the one who composed Clap Your Hands. It’s the coolest 2NE1 song for me but also the most underrated. I like Kush because he divides the lines equally.

  34. truthfully, i am really praying that BE MINE mv be filled with unhappy Dara fans to let YG know that it’s really upsetting.. sorry Admin but this time i really felt sad about it.. I waited patiently for this song having high hopes to hear Dara’s voice cause i know BE MINE fits Dara’s voice but end up really disappointed.

  35. will there be a time when dara gets to sing enough lines and we, her fans, won’t complain. I am tired of hearing other say there’ll be more songs that 2ne1 will sing and maybe there dara can sing more lines… I kept on waiting and waiting and waiting but always end up disappointed. dara is part of 2ne1, it means she’s a singer. I don’t mind if there is less dara in the mv, for as long as I could hear her singing voice more.

  36. I’m really disappointed 😦 I agree with some Daralings here. Haist I’ll be waiting for their comeback hopefully she gets more lines cause if not………

  37. Not going to lie I am upset when I heard this song. Dara’s part is not only short but the background music is so loud that you can’t really hear her voice. I am a 2NE1 fan and I know the other members have strong vocal but COME ON give Dara a chance to sing in strong parts. She can do it, Dara has a beautiful voice but she is not given the opportunity to show case it. Being Dara bias I am very upset and I really hope in their comeback she would get more lines. It’s no excuse because Dara can sing.

  38. hyuwhieyl said:

    Here we go again… I want to be more positive about this but it is upsetting. And reading the comments in YT, i dont know if I’ll be amused or sad or angry. Yeah if only it’s not that obvious that she get the shortest parts then we can just all really enjoy the song.

    And i fear it will be the same for their US debut ;( i hope not.

  39. Yes Dara’s lines were super short! HUHUHU….and it makes our Daraling heart a bit sad…..but I will just choose to believe that Teddy knows best!:) The song is BRILLIANT as it is!!!:) and hey…..Bom and CL’s chorus showed their singing prowess, maknae Minzy’s singing were further exposed..while Dara’s part though short, carry the most interesting lyrics coupled with her very unique high pitch tone <333

  40. I also want to make THUMB NOISE to TEDDY,though DARA had more screen time,looks like shes the one who found the INTEL whatever…love her line,sweet lovely voice as always,but..give her more lines,thats unfair that song is so easy to sing,DARA can sing those line…happy but little disappointed , lets go to YG ohp. its 2012 ,last year its the same,i love 2ne1 ,but i love DARA the most,I bought nikon,adidas ,all 2ne1 cd,etude,magazine etch.planning to buy this intel,its because i love DARA…Im sorry …enough TEDDY…WAKE up…and who did their make up,lucky DARA shes pretty… fell sorry for BOM…we all know when it comes to endorcing product DARA has the power to convince people to buy it…again DARA is not just a pretty face,she is talented with charisma…we love her…TEDDY dont yuo foget that…again im sorry….

  41. Another awesome song Teddy. I have no complaints. Really, baby Dara is my love, but like admin said, though short, her parts are PERFECTION. Teddy knows best, fellow DaraLings. Every part of the song is great. Their comeback is soon, so let’s see then. But please let’s not get this idea and already start complaining. Of course, every one can have an opinion, but let’s be careful of what we say, cause it will backfire to us, Dara’s fans, and finally to our baby girl Dara. And I don’t want that. Let’s just support the girls.
    “All I wanna do is just be with you” T________T Dara sweet voice, AMAZING.

  42. egliukas said:

    i’m so dam disappointed what was Teddy thinking…I hope they will newer sing this song live T_T i’m like crying rivers now..

    • i dont want this song to place on charts. disappointing teddy, i wanna screw you!

  43. Reblogged this on edherei.

  44. im not feeling it. few dara singing lines means no repeat for me. dont get me wrong fellow dara stans, sometimes im not excited for their group activities as it pains me to see dara being helpless and awkward with songs like it hurts, lonely, be mine. haaayys i

  45. dara_woo said:

    i really wanted to be positive in commenting about this song…ill try though,,,,,,i was waiting for this not bec of the MV but bec i wanted to hear dara^s voice….sooo disappointed hearing that she only had 2 lines……though she sounded great……wish she had more,,,,,1 chorus of the song for her would be great….i mean the song fits her voice…why not allow her to sing!….anyway she looks GREAT though,,,,she*s so PRETTY….

    YG please let dara do a drama…..

    • if only 2ne1 has a graduate system.keke i want her to be out of 2ne1. a lot of songs already they didnt showcase her vocals. i want dara to become an actress and sings OSTs.

      • dara_woo said:

        i would not want dara leave 2ne1 as of now….but the thing is if YG is not allowing dara to do other things out of 2ne1….then just give dara a reasonable lenght of lines in their songs…..just allow her to ACT and be with 2ne1 even she has short lines is ok…

        • i also like what you said. sometimes i get “jealous” with those girls who are into acting and group activities.

          • hyuwhieyl said:

            I dont want her to leave 2ne1 as well. The hype is all on how pretty she is or how outrageous her look was, and not much on her singing, which she has a talent on but sadly not much is offered to us.

      • IWannaStayAnonymous said:

        You know what? I’ll be completely honest here, I agree with your comment. Sorry. I’m a Dara stan myself and idk why but I agree with your comment. It would’ve been better if Dara was an actress/if YG is allowing Dara to do dramas. But I think they don’t want Dara in a drama yet bc of 2NE1’s US debut? Let Dara train a little bit more in acting and she’ll be a top actress in no time. It hurts that lots of 2NE1 fans don’t appreciate Dara at all. It’s kinda tiring to see lots of 2NE1 fans bash Dara and us, Dara stans.That’s why I’m kinda having 2NE1 withdrawal symptoms right now. I can just sigh. Sorry, I just need to let this out.

        • agree ,,, I was really dissappointed after hearing the song of Intel ,Dara only got 16 secs !!! 16 secs in a 4 mins long song >< The most aggravating is the attitude of others blackjacks , they just rudely bashed Dara ,left the hurtful comment against Dara at Youtube. As i feel,Dara and Daraling are kinda always isolated by others bj !!!

    • i feel you…really a disappointment in every Dara’s fans…..hayyy

  46. youaredbest said:

    haven’t heard the song yet.. But wttesh… 2lines? Really? Bit disappointed here. 😦

    no words. , no words… Can describe my disappointment.

  47. tatashi said:

    this song is awesome!!!! bit it will be perfectly awesome and great if DARA line is longer!!! What the Jack! only 2 line? I really like this song! but i will love it if the line is divided fair and square!

  48. Dara’s line is not short…. it’s SUPER SHORT!!!

  49. Dara singing in English is LOVE
    2NE1 JJANG!

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