Awww, Thunder and Dara and their mom were together for Parents’ Day! I’m happy that they had time to spend together.. ^^ As for whether or not she was with Durami, I really am not sure. Though she probably was with them. ^^ We all know how protective Dara is over her younger sister, since unlike Cheondung, Durami is a private person, not a celebrity. ^^ Happy though that the family took time out to chill and have dinner! ^^

와쌉?!?어제 어버이날을 맞아 엄마랑 천둥이랑 같이 이미자 선배님의 디너쇼를 다녀왔어요!+.+엄마가 너무 좋아하셔서 어릴때부터 항상 들어오던 노래들을 눈앞에서 직접 라이브로 듣게되나니..정말 내가 감히 말로 표현할수없을만큼 소름돋는 무대였어요!ㅠ 최고! (__) 꾸벅!

Tags: 디너쇼의 최연소 관객 천둥이ㅋ 우리 엄마의 환상적인 사진실력ㅋ 랙잭이들 부모님들도 모두 건강하시구 행복하세요! ^_^

Wassup?!? Yesterday was Parents’ Day, so my mom, Thunder, and I, went to Lee Mi-Ja-sunbae’s dinner show to celebrate! +.+ My mom likes her, and she used to play her songs a lot when we were kids, so to come and hear her sing live in person.. It was really awesome, no words could describe it, and I had goosebumps when she sang on stage! ㅠ The best! (__) Bow!

Tags: Thunder was the youngest audience in the dinner show Ke Our mom’s fantastic photography skills Ke I also wish that all the parents of all Blackjacks are healthy and happy! ^_^


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara Shows Her Mom’s Photography Skills On An Outing For Parents’ Day!" (12)

  1. kissyvee said:

    Park Family Dinner!
    So Nice to know what these sweet and thoughtful siblings do for their mom

  2. cheneechee said:

    I want to see Durami too LOL

  3. Sorry i’m late 😦 …..but Happy Parents Day, Park family<3333 🙂 Hope it was great!!!! Park Family Hwaiting!!!

  4. MamaWowa said:

    Sweet Park siblings!!! They make their Mommy proud! I miss their picture together, Dara why Thunder’s face was covered by a smiley?

  5. wontstopthemusic21 said:

    Can someone please tell me how many siblings Dara has??? I DIDN’T KNOW SHE HAD A SISTER DX!!!

    • She has one brother and one sister. So it’s Dara, Durami, and Sanghyun (AKA Cheondung or Thunder of MBLAQ) Not much is known about Durami because she lives a private life.

  6. nyc_emj15 said:

    i don’t think that’s thunder look at his bicep kinda slim and his chest and shoulder ….

    • MamaWowa said:

      I guess it’s the angle of how the picture was taken coz he also looks like he has a short torso there & short neck.

  7. If that’s Thunder sitting next to her, why would she need to block his face…??

  8. bratty21 said:

    awww…park sibling are really sweet

  9. talabels said:

    Happy Park family bonding!!! ^_^

  10. i really hope durami was with them… 🙂 anyway its nice seeing them going out together…

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