WOW! Our Dara is getting into more and more magazine covers! ^^ She had two for last month (Stuff and Vogue Girl’s The Beauty) and now she has CeCi campus! ^^ Loving it! More magazine features for our pretty Etude Princess, please! ^^

기다리던 쎄씨캠퍼스! 5월호 발행 대학생 파티 동아리 소개부터취업 스터디 조직의 기술!
그리고 5월 캠퍼스 축제까지~ 🙂
알찬정보 놓치지마세요.^^

쎄씨캠퍼스 발행 일정은 내일 공개 됩니다!

Please look forward to CeCi Campus! The May issue would talk about studying in college, how to organize and work with study groups, and more!
And the May Campus Festival~ 🙂
Don’t miss out on the full information inside. ^^

CeCi campus publication schedule would be revealed tomorrow!


Source: CeCi Campus Facebook Page

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Photo: CeCi Campus Reveals The Cover Of Their May 2012 Issue.. Etude Princess Dara!" (1)

  1. Woaaa…Luv it<3333 Thanks Etude!!!!

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