And here’s part 2 of the MYX interview! Again, Dara spoke Tagalog throughout the whole interview! She mentioned something about 2NE1’s new album… I hope they would come back soon! ^_^

(Translation start @0:26)

VJ Bianca: “Where did you take them when they (2ne1) were there (Philippines)?”

Dara: “We went to Legazpi…”

VJ Bianca: “What did you do there?”

Dara: “(We stayed) at a resort.. We went to see Mayon Volcano.”

VJ Bianca: “Did they like it there? Do they want to come back?”

Dara: “Uhm, *nods head* they want to come back, and they liked the food.”

VJ Bianca: “But now let’s talk about your group, 2NE1, what is next? What are your plans?”

Dara: “Our next album…. Hmmm.. Secret!” *laughs*

VJ Bianca: “Won’t you give us even just a teaser? Hm, do you know when your newest album will come out because a lot of people are looking forward to that one.”

Dara: “Newest album? Hm, that’s what I don’t know yet…”

VJ Bianca: “But from what I know, 2NE1’s gonna be representing K-Pop in the Cannes International Advertising Congress. How excited are you?”

Dara: “I’m super excited.. It’s gonna my first time to go to France so I’m so excited..”

VJ Bianca: “Do you have any plans to do on your trip?”

Dara: “I wanna go shopping!”

VJ Bianca: “Oh what are you gonna buy first?” *giggles*

Dara: “I don’t know yet but I know there are lots of beautiful clothes there.”

VJ Bianca: “What is your message to all the fans watching right now?”

Dara: “How are you guys? I hope you won’t forget me. I’m still Krung-krung. Please invite us so we would have a concert there in the Philippines again :)”


Source: samecut123jez@YouTube

Translated by:  OhItsLAI@OhDara / GarytheSnail@WeLoveDara

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