OMGGGGG!!!!! <333 Dara looks like an angel at today’s event!!! With her white dress, and no accessory but a headband on, she is simply elegant! Dara is truly a Goddess!!! <333

Mehrong!!!!! ^_____^

More of Goddess Dara and Pretty CL after the cut!

Comments on: "Photos: Press Photos of Goddess Dara at Nikon Legend Event" (40)

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  2. Shiela F. Irinco said:

    dara! waaaah! my wish came true…Dara looks like an angel and more feminine…waaahhhhhhhh!

  3. cheng-cheng said:

    why is my previous comment deleted?? 😦

  4. Dara unnie is very Beautiful!!! i envy your beauty.. truly a Goddess! 🙂

  5. Vampire Goddess Dee<3333 aaahhh she looks 18 y.o in these pic!!!Forever young<3333Very lovely dress!!She should wear dresses more often!!!Dee+long hair+dress+headband+high heels=perfect<3333

  6. suzkisses said:

    am i in heaven??? what a gorgeous angel

  7. an Angel sent from above!! DARA looks so stunning on her simple white dress!!

  8. Love that Chaerin & Dara are both wearing dresses… love seeing them so girly for a change…

  9. DARA daisuki said:

    angel DARA<333 & i love her hair too<333

  10. omg… she’s killing me these days. she’s so girly lately and im definitely in AWE!

  11. whaaa!!
    oh my gosh!
    “Angel Dara”..i love it so so much!
    and CL-roo is so so pretty..2ne1’s feminine side.

  12. i guess they were instructed to wear something that would match the cameras… thankss Nikon! LOL… soo gorgeous dara!!!!!! ❤

  13. tamtamie123 said:

    She looks like an angel….omg why are u sooo pretty dara…u are indeed a goddess:-)

  14. Woke up and first thing I see is an Angel *.*
    She’s so pretty, it hurts!!!! sakdfhgka;sdfhgjbljsfkhd How to be coherent? jhkdwvfjdhg
    And CL ;__; My ChaeRa heart is so happy! CL looks gorgeous! Super love her skirt *.*

  15. cydellianne said:

    Everybody shares the same feeling, I guess….lol…I’m at Cloud Nine while looking at her…she looks like the total dream girl every guy is looking for…<3

  16. did any1 notice that Dara really is simple??.. it’s bcoz,, the rest of the 2ne1 members and most of the other girl groups designs their nails w/ different colors and all these extensions and accessories but Dara prefers it clean and plain, and f she painted it , she uses white more often..

  17. janz1121 said:

    OMG!!! What is that angel doing here on earth?
    Dara yah why are you so pretty???

  18. petitedara said:

    oh damn…if i were one of the crowd, i would totally be unconscious, fainted… she is really pretty, the word ‘Goddess’ fits her the best…!

  19. wahh! So gorgeous. I love the whole ensemble. I especially looooooooove her shoes!

  20. HOW STUNNING! I really love her feminine side. And I like that she’s into headbands now, it totally suits her!

  21. wow she continue to amaze me ……….. she is a true beauty!!!!!

  22. goddess! ❤

  23. she looks like Eugene in those pix…yeah…white suits her best…she glows in white as if an angel falls from heaven,he3…

  24. The real goddess is back. Aigooo! Goddess in white 🙂

  25. mybabysav47 said:

    sooooooo pretty..

  26. she’s killing my heart TT___TT

  27. angle tall hair is back

  28. were is the love botton i love it my angle is all ready 28 but she look so young and dara i’m so happy that u are back to korean and yeah the CL love her hair her dress and her cutie face

  29. Who is this? youngest member of the newest fairy girl group? lol

    She’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! She blows any girl group member out of the water! lol

    Dara damn! ^___^

  30. andyelleeh said:

    i’ve seen articles in allkpop about how some artists look like angel wearing this and that, and i was like, “ugh, what are you talking about? where is the ‘angel’?” hahaha. now, i’ve seen the real angel.. it’s DARA! 😀

  31. she looks so pure, young and INNOCENT! and Cl-roo so pretty and *fainted

  32. White color suits her very well! An angel indeed ^^

  33. daralove said:

    I can’t believe she’s already 28.. seriously she looks younger than my sister who’s already 20. AAACK, she looks like a goddess! She should let her hair down more often, sometimes she looks weird (but still pretty) with those crazy hairstyles XD

  34. Dara4ever said:

    0mgeeeh! She l0oks like a fairy!

  35. Damn it! Where’s the Love button?!
    This is by far, for me, the best attire she has worn to an event! /mesmerized 😮
    All Dara needs now is a pair of fluffy beautiful white wings and she’s ready to go! keke~

  36. dara_syr said:

    i faint when i see her pic. so gorgeous

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