Wow! How awesome is this? Etude House Taiwan staff went to Korea to meet up with Dara and SHINee for an event! And keke, I find it so cute how much they fanboyed over Dara! ^^

^The staff became so excited when Dara came! I think she arrived first. ^^ The uploader said that Dara is such a slim goddess. ^^

^ This photo was taken before the interview! The staff who took this picture said that s/he was so nervous and excited that her/his arm kept shaking, so the picture was blurry. XD

^ Dara was so lively, kind, and hyper during the interview! She used her body language to express herself well too! ^^

^ The staff from Etude House Taiwan brought pineapple tarts and gave them to Dara (it’s the little box beside the MC)! She said thank you and that she likes them very much! She also said that she likes BB Cream, pink blush, and light lipstick! ^^

Check out these cute photo of Dara and Minho (They both have their own world while the others are at the back):

^ Dara and SHINee as Etude House Representatives prepare to set off ~~~

^ Representative team ready to set off… The students behind, stop playing ~~~


The SHINee boys were also at the event! Check out the cut for the gallery with their pics! ^^


Picture Source: Etude House Taiwan Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translations by: @S_Bar_pinky @DARASOOYoungBia

Comments on: "Photos/Translations: Etude House Taiwan Staff Meet Up With Dara And SHINee!" (20)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei and commented:
    It seems that Minho can’t take his eyes away from our goddess Dee. Love the pic admin… Thank you for posting! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh!! that stares…fainted-_-
    they are so close it.

  3. daragonlove said:

    Dara and Minho are the lead character…lol! just love!

  4. ilovessantokki said:

    Dara looks to pretty ^-^ And not going to lie, Minho+Dara is such a cute dongseong+noona couple! Not romantically, but just like Pandara in their closeness.

  5. Goddess Dee+ skirt=rare picture!!!!Thanks Etude<33 She looks good in a uniform<33 Gosh…She looks even younger than some idols who are really young!!!Long live Vampire Dee!!!^^
    Can't wait for the CF<33

  6. Dara and Minho are close now 🙂 Aigoo. I Hope someday minho will mention Dara’s name. HAHAHA! I can see that there’s no awkward atmosphere between the two .

  7. Dara looks like a dongsaeng beside this shining guys! Not a trace of her being a noona! Hahahaha! I’m hoping for at least a teaser video for this! Can’t wait!

    Princess Dara FTW! ^_^

  8. Minho’s stare is ❤
    No awkwardness between them, I likeee it! 😀

  9. cheneechee said:

    I want to attend Etude University LOL

  10. OMO! Dara and Minho in those 2 shots are just soooo spazzworthy!!! Minho’s stare at Dara is just priceless.. they really, really, really look soooo good together!

  11. cydellianne said:

    Minho @ Dara: “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you.” ^^ woohoo

  12. egliukas said:

    i want to see interview >,<

  13. Dara looks so adorable with her attire!~^^
    Minho you sly boy! xD kekeke.
    I think Minho wants another /coughkisscough

    • 2ne1doll said:

      Think he wants a real one! He admitted they never really kissed in Kiss Note… camera trick.. tsk tsk 😦 😀

      • He admitted that its camera trick? Ahh poor minho. Atleast jonghyun, taemin and key were able to kiss dara even in the cheeks only.. Hhh

  14. Uwaah *O*
    She looks so pretty!!! Petite like a porcelain doll. Kyak~
    I hope they get interviewed by Wide or something..!!

  15. minho!!! stop staring!


  16. Kya!!! Mindara! So cute! The way minho look at dara…..kya!

  17. Omg! Omg! So kawai! The way minho look at dara! Kya!

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