YES!!! Dara finally updated her me2day! I can’t even put down into words how much I have missed her updates! It seems like my day isn’t complete if she doesn’t update. Its been so long. I do hope that she is resting though. But I am pretty sure that the girls are cooking up something special for all of us! *wink*

와쌉~랙잭 2기 친구들~!!!잘지내요?!?갑자기 그대들이 생각나네요…!1기두 생각나구..3기두 빨리보고싶구!결론은~랙잭이들 다 보고싶단 얘기에용!^_^나에겐 새친구가 생겼어요!이제부터 나의 해외스케줄과 야외스케줄을 동행하며 열심히 연습할 친구!싼쿠스틱 백패커!쨔잔!

Tags: 꽃샘추위 감기 조심해요!

Wassup~ All my 2-G (2nd generation) Blackjacks, and all friends~!!! How are you?!? You guys suddenly came to my mind…! I thought of the 1-G (1st generation) too.. And to the 3-G (3rd generation), want to quickly see you guys soon! In the end~ I just want to see all Blackjacks! ^_^ I happened to meet a new friend! From now on, this friend will be with me overseas, working and practicing hard even during schedules! Ssan-coustic backpacker! Ta-dan!

Tags: Take care of the spring cold!


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Credits: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Dara’s new baby is a Martin Steel-String Backpacker Acoustic Guitar. It retails at $209.99!

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Thanks @jecagaco!

Comments on: "Me2Day: Ssancoustic Dara with a Funky Guitar" (8)

  1. dara_syr said:

    ohdara. what is 1st generation blackjack and 2nd? and 3rd? i don’t get what dara mean :((

  2. Reblogged this on edherei and commented:
    I miss playing my guitar…:)

  3. lalala01 said:

    ssancoUstic DARA IS BACK ,,,♥♥♥

  4. Cute guitar for Cute Ssantoki<33 Ssancoustic Hwaiting!!!!

  5. mybaby020510 said:

    The very first thing I always check when I see her pix………. HER SHOES!!!!! hahahahaha… I really do love 2NE1’s shoes… from stilettos to rubber shoes to snickers to flat shoes… 😀 yeah yeah yeah… im a shoe collector.. kekekekekeke

  6. kyliegen12 said:

    what did she say? can you pls translate it? ^^

  7. egliukas said:

    Finally she updated!! i missed her so much>,<
    today was such a bad day to me, but her update brightened it for me T_T
    thank you Dara <333333333333333

  8. wow!! cool!!
    i also missed her update too TT

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