Look, anyone can have their favorite 2NE1 member, but if you ask me Dara’s the most awesome. Especially in terms of style.

I know it’s not a contest, but there’s just something so noisy and interesting about the way she throws a GANG of colors and patterns together, and because she’s so whippet-thin her oversized clothes take up interesting amounts of space on her slight frame. It just reminds me of if a blowfish got dressed after watching a TON of TLC videos circa when Cross Colours was cool (aka the “What About Your Friends” video era. TOTAL CUHLASSIC, look it up if you’re too young to be up on it). Basically she’s got swag for days.

ANYWAY, when I interviewed them during their first U.S. performance I became completely smitten with the giant contraption on Dara’s head. I thought she looked just like Daisy-Head Mayzie and 100 percent beautiful. WAAAAAAAAANT. Especially since stick-straight, long, luxurious ponytails are that HOT ISH (hullo, Katy Perry at the KCAs or Iggy Azealia all the time) and especially-est because I have long hair also and believe in my heart that if I hoisted it all up in a big gold hair conical thing that it will haul all my wrinkles to the tippy-top of my head and away from sight. Basically, I am going to get a couple of these jams from ASOS and stack them and see if it works and if I look awesome (I will probably only do, like, two of them and not be as extreme as Dara’s), OR I will just return all of them because I look ridiculous and buy some creams and elixirs made from placenta for a jillion dollars to slather on my face BECAUSE IT’S FROM FRANCE and because I am vain. Here are some othereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting baubles that carry the same idea. If you buy one, please come back and we can share notes.

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Credit: MTVstyle

Comments on: "MTVstyle: Dara From 2NE1 Makes Me Want Weird Hair Things" (5)

  1. But….almost everyone make fun of her hairstyle!!! I HATE IT!!!!! T_T
    Fact: -every girl in the world want to looks PRETTY including Dee!!!!
    – Pretty Hair/Pretty dress= more fans!!!!
    Why YG???WHY?!!! T.T

  2. I remember number of people complaining why Dara had to put up that hair again when 2ne1 performed in times sq ignoring the fact that fashion crazy americans fancy the style of their artist. I say Dara should have her own unique image when she comes here and let Americans dig her. They will be surprise how much more they can find from this girl both on her looks and personality

  3. i agrreee with her…anyone can have their favorite 2NE1 member, but if you ask me Dara’s the most awesome. Especially in terms of style…

  4. Wow, awesome article! Lol, she should’ve seen her vegeta hair too. I doubt she’d want to try that. It has become a trademark for Dara and Dara only xD
    She’s unique like that ~<3

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