Sandara Park Has A Love Phobia, “I’m Afraid Of When They Will Meet The Real Me”

2NE1’s Sandara Park confesses her fear of love.

On the 27th, during the broadcast of SBS “Strong Heart,” YG Family Special episode one, Big Bang’s Seungri reveals about how he tried to set-up Sandara Park for a blind date.

On the episode, Seungri said, “There are quite a lot of men I know who likes Sandara Park,” he added, “So I wanted to introduce her to three men,” he revealed, getting the attention of the cast and audience.

But Sandara Park revealed that she wasn’t even able to contact these three men, and the arrangement was only made but not followed-through.

Sandara Park said, “I’m a little scared,” expressing her thoughts. She continued, “When people see me, they think of the cute and lively image I portray during broadcasts or during performances. I’m afraid that they might have a misconception of who I really am, thinking that I have a cute charm and that’s why they will want to meet me willingly. My real personality isn’t really like that. Maybe they’ll leave if they meet the real me,” she said.

In addition, Sandara Park also said that the other reason she wasn’t able to meet one of the three men was because of leader CL.

CL said, “I heard that Seungri was in the middle of talking to Sandara about the blind date,” she said, “I took the phone and put it down. But it’s because it didn’t feel right because we still had the dating ban,” she explained, showing her leader’s heart.


Source: Nate 
Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Has A Love Phobia, “I’m Afraid Of When They Will Meet The Real Me”" (15)

  1. i hope dara will find a man suited for her, same goes w/ Boom

  2. i really hope there are subs already.. i want 2 knw what se7en said that made the audience and Dara sad..The one b4 seungri covered Dara with blanket after hearing what Se7en said..

  3. i think somehow Dara has trust issue, probably because of what happen between her father and dara..

    Dara and Seungri are really close though. I am happy seeing her more comfortable.

    I really want 2 know those 3 male celebrities especially the 1 who waited in front of the her house.. I hope after seeing this episode, he will understand why Dara chose not go 2 out and pursue her even more..

    We LOVE you DarA!!

  4. ToAnyone said:

    Chaera… hahahaha! 🙂

  5. is it only me who thinks, DARA IS THE STAR OF THE STRONG HEART……Everybody is talking about DARA’s part!!!yah yah yahhhhh!!!!

  6. Whenever I see her saying words like “The real Dara is different from what we see on Tv” it always reminds me of what Lee Minho said before, that he thought Dara was bubbly or funny (I forgot the exact word) but when he saw her in person she’s shy and timid. I also remember Park Han Byul saying that Dara is different in front of the camera and real life. That’s why I think she wants to warn those guys who wants to meet her so that they won’t get disappointed and at the same time she won’t get hurt if that happens. Dara-ya please open your heart to those people who likes to know you, give them a chance, it’s true that they may like you because of your cute personality on tv but if you try to open yourself to them, they would see the caring, lovable and loyal Dara we all know and if he really likes you then he would pursue you even if you don’t have aegyo, even you don’t wear short skirts, even if you can’t go around anymore and you’ll turn 30 soon, he would still love you for who you are. I hope someday you’ll be happy with a guy who only look at you and never make you cry. I agree with Se7en, you deserve someone who’s not just good looking guy, you deserve more than that! God bless you Dara. Stay happy and don’t be scared, you have a good heart and that’s what matters.

  7. mybabysav47 said:

    dont worry guys..she have 3 great guys behind her to choose the right man..doongie.seungri and se7en..andher family..@ of course her million fans too..dara dont be afraid of fell inlove not all the men are the will not know if you will not try right??we know you’ve been traumatized from the man that you love so much..but you have to enjoy your life sandy..dont make yourself like a prison from the your heart dont be afraid..:))

  8. daragonlove said:

    Sandy i hope you can read all the comments here…you need to have self confidence…don’t be afraid…if one of the important guys in your life left you, that doesn’t mean that the others will do the same…you have to be strong ..your friends and families will be there, and of course BJs…the Lord and you’re good heart will lead you to the right man and by then you’ll have your ‘and they live happily ever after’…so smile and be yourself! fighting!

  9. kissyvee said:

    aww..Dara..don’t feel too scared of what might others think when they get to know the real you, you have gain a lot of love and support from your friends, families they know you best,
    and have always been saying how great of a friend, a sister and a daughter you are.
    We have seen how lovable you are not just an artist on stage, but how you show affection and appreciation to the people that matters most to you. You have a beautiful heart Daraya
    and whoever the special someone might be, he is the luckiest guy ever!!! 😛
    Dara Fighting! ^^

  10. dont affraid dara! he will love you like daling love you dara 😦
    we always be here for you 😦

  11. awwww… Dara you don’t have to worry.. the person you will choose to love is so lucky to have you and he will love you for who you are… you’re so lovable Goddess Dee!! 🙂 ❤

  12. dara baby no worries, the cute and dorky image is also you. its a part of who you are. a part of you may be the opposite of what we see onscreen, but that’s a part you too that we love.THAT’S WHAT MAKE YOU EVEN MORE APPEALING TO ALL OF US. we love everything about you baby so there’s nothing to worry about. ^^

  13. Awww Dara! I’m sure people will love the real you! ^^ You are a lovely, lovely person! ❤

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