Earlier today, we uploaded a photo of Dara and SHINee shooting for a new Etude CF! This time around, @spiffyhyosup uploaded a photo of him, Dara and a huge black dog! I think this CF is going to be another exciting one!

To those who haven’t seen it yet, here is the photo posted earlier with Dara and SHINee!

Credit: Lee Hyosup Facebook Account + http://www.shinee.net

Comments on: "Photo: Dara, Lee Hyosup and Huge Doggy for Etude!" (12)

  1. that dog is BIG!! Dara unnie so cute.. looks like the dog is ‘fandog’ of dara.. LOL XD

  2. sweepberry said:

    hoho… even the Dog can’t stop staring our Ms. Dee! XD

  3. sweet&lucky091 said:

    what a color of dress dara’s wearing..so bright eh..like her personality DARA dara bright dara..tee heee
    IM SO EXCITED for this another cf with DARA & SHINEE..
    and i can see even the dog cant resist DARA’S charm kekee..

  4. Dara4ever said:

    Dara-unnie l0oks like a cute little girl! Actually soo cute!

  5. can not weait for it to come out >< so excited dara look so cute

  6. dara_woo said:

    i think dara should wear dresses or shorts that are thigh lenght…i mean shorter than what she’s wearing in the pic…coz imo short dresses gives an illusion of having longer legs…and she should wear heels…..but she’s cute in those pics…..etude must really love dara…..lots of campaign with them….

  7. sweet&lucky said:

    ..kekek dara looks like a lil kid here..> < so adorable.
    but i think dara need more gain weight..:Pdara unnie eat lots of food..:)

  8. wow!!! Dara ain’t that scared no more!!
    Good Job Baby Girl! ❤

  9. that dog wants to taste litlle santokki xD

    • LMAO 😀 These pic so freakin CUTE<3333 Goddess Vampire Dee, Shinee boys and Etude HWAITING<3333

  10. ygfamily4ver said:

    haha another cf..nice…i just notice the dog lookin to DARA..ajejeje,,

  11. This is freaking cute! I want to see the finished product soon. LOVE the second photo (though I love the first one too). I find it cute that Dara is so petite she had to stand on an apple box. 🙂

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