Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas is currently in Seoul and he met up with our lovely girls to party it up in a club. ^_^ Its nice seeing the girls out and about having loads of fun. Unfortunately, because of her age, Minzy couldn’t go inside the club but Dara, Bom and CL looked like they had loads of fun.

Source: @iamwill

Comments on: "Twitter/Photos: Will.I.Am and 2NE1 Party It Up in Seoul" (13)

  1. cydellianne said:

    agh…can’t wait for their US debut…it’s gonna be very BIG…i mean REALLY BIG!!!

  2. 2NE1 needs to get used to going to clubs if they are gonna be debuting in America. That’s one of the ways artists are promoted there. They meet more people like other artists and producers. No harm since Minzy will be eligible in America to go clubbing.

  3. so nice to see they are having fun. i miss them so much.

  4. It’s nice to see that Dara’s not awkward to boys anymore 🙂

  5. I think Minzy = maknae..so will.i.am decided to use Dara’s pic instead since she’s the fake maknae ^________^

  6. oh..apl.de.ap’s there too..haha….i bet dara and him talked^^

  7. Dara needs to go out and party more!^^
    It could help shed some of her inhibitions
    she’s got layers and layers and layers and
    layers of them!!! >/<

  8. Aww….I’m glad the girls are having some fun especially with their busy schedules. I can’t wait for their comeback and US debut!!

  9. i think will i am just pretended that minzy was there just showing one of dara’s pic..hehehe

  10. On Dara’s picture (2nd) why does it say Me and Minzy? Just wondering.. 😀

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