Jeremy Scott sure loves 2NE1 and is in fact, very vocal about it!

Today, he tweeted a series of tweets, and even included a pretty picture of himself with the girls!

Dara looks so adorable! The track suit totally looks about 4 sizes too big for her, kekeke! But I love how she looks so playful in it! ^_^

And here’s “Remy-oppa’s” tweets! He even encouraged all of us to vote for 2NE1 in MTV Iggy! ^_^

Source: Jeremy Scott’s Twitter (@ITSJEREMYSCOTT)

Comments on: "Photos/Twitter: Jeremy Scott Tweets A Photo With 2NE1 and Encourages Us To Vote In MTV Iggy!" (6)

  1. pinkyasumi said:

    an mtviggy blog post credited OhDara! for the pic / screencap! way to go OhDara!

  2. wooohoo! Gratz OHDARA! your article been featured on MTVIggy’s BNB site ^^v

  3. DARA daisuki said:

    his a real bj, i love him more<333

  4. keep on voting for 2ne1, blackjack hwaiting!!!

  5. shinleeuya said:

    soOoooOoo cutEeeee. I want dat. 🙂

  6. baiemz reblogged this on baiemz.

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