Allure, Ceci, Elle Girl, High Cut. Nylon, Shure, Beauty Club, Beauty Life, Breeze, Elle, Singles, Travelers, Vogue Girl, Women Korea, and Women Sense. Those and more, are the Korean magazines where Dara’s Nymph Aloha Volumer ads and features, were printed on.

Our goddess D surely is an effective, not to mention gorgeous, endorser! Fighting! ^_^


Re-uploaded by: OhDara and WeLoveDara
Sources: Different Magazines, as compiled by Etude Korea

Comments on: "Photos: Dara’s Nymph Aloha Volumer Ads And Features In Korean Magazines!" (3)

  1. SUGOI~~! wow!! so many magazines! Dara-ah, fighting!! DARONG IS REALLY EFFECTIVE Endorser. Anyone can attest to that! she even made me buy an Etude BB Cream product, and I’m loving it! haha. It’s just one week I used it, my family and friends already noticed my change particular in face -.___.- haha. They say I look brighter and blooming and INSPIRED! haha. I would just tell them : Wanna Be Sweet? Play Etude.lmao

  2. awesome!! love the magazine features of Dara from ETUDE~
    Thanks for sharing guys! 🙂

  3. love etude because they choose dara as their main endorser!many many magazines!woot!

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