2NE1, Japan Debut Concert – 70,000 Tickets Sold On The Same Day

South Korean 4-member dance and vocal girl group 2NE1‘s Japan debut tour starts on the 19th. It has been revealed that they have received 300,000 in total application for the 5 days concert.

Last year Kpop became popular in Japan. In debut Live Platinum tickets, Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) and 2PM got 25,000, while SHINEE  received 30,000 applications. In South Korean Debut live, 2NE1 got the most tickets being sold with 70,000, but they were able to receive 300,00 applications. On the 4th was the first day of sales, and it was immediately sold out on the same day. An official said “We added one more show on the Yokohama arena because it exceeded our expectations”

Their first guesting on Music Station may have affected the sales. September 21 is the release date of their debut Mini album “NOLZA” (in Korean it means “Lets play“) which includes I AM THE BEST, that shows bizarre costumes and hairstyle. They sing: “Watashi ga ichiban iketeru ore tenjou tenge yui ga dokuson” which leaves a strong impact.

2NE1 members said, “When we heard that many applied for our first debut Japan tour, each and every one of us were surprised, and said, everyone, lets play! Please enjoy (the concert) and we cant wait to see all of you! In South Korea they were able to receive 34 awards. Their first concert will start in September 19th, in Yokohama Arena.


Source: http://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/news/p-et-tp0-20110906-830948.html
Translated by: kamipinku

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  2. Daniela Tamashiro Kano said:

    but SHINee and Shoujo Jidai were Showcases not concerts.. of 35 min aprox
    I think concerts are different..

  3. congrats girls….hope that youre album will debut as nos. 1 in oricon…GOD bless..so proud of dara…

  4. W0ahh!!go GIRLS!

  5. 2ne1vina:))) said:

    i really wanna cry!!! this group has what it takes to be called super stars T_T no need show LEGS no need wear very sexy short short to be in.. being fashion icon is enough i like everything about them T_T….. proud to be black jack!!!!!! PURE TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and CHARISMA!!!

  6. wow!2ne1 your really the best.goodluck to dara,bom,minzy and cl.they really deserved this.congratz!

  7. isn’t this a tour and not a showcase? Aren’t those the numbers for SNSD and Shinee’s showcase in Japan?

  8. yey! 2NE1 daebak!

  9. glazelovesdara said:

    WOAH! @_@ Dont know what to say

  10. wow!! congrats girls!!! go dara!! 🙂

  11. deathstalker26 said:

    2ne1 power….. no official debut in Japan but soaring high ticket sales…

    love it…

  12. That’s the influence and charisma of these 4 wonderful girls… Go girls! Hwaiting! ♥♥♥ DARA, BOM, MINZY and CL ♥♥♥ ^_^

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