2NE1’s Sandara Park showed her full support for younger brother MBLAQ’s Thunder on the day of his comeback.


On July 14th, the official Twitter account for Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ posted the above photo and wrote,“Cute flowers that were delivered to MBLAQ’s Thunder by his star-nuna with love.”


One photo sees the siblings posing together for the camera, while the other shows the flowers Sandara prepared for her brother. The message she left on the flowers reads, “MBLAQ is amazing in anyone’s eyes. From Thunder’s big sister”

Netizens wrote, “Sandara is not only in charge of 2NE1’s promotions, but also of MBLAQ’s” and “It’s nice to see them so close”.

Credit: MNET Countdown + ALLKPOP

Comments on: "Twitter: Sandara visits Thunder for MBLAQ’s Comeback and Gave Flowers" (7)

  1. she’s wearing CD too !! love park siblings!!

  2. Dara-yah exudes a much younger aura in this pic, omo so fresh!! ❤

  3. their outfits match!! hahah as always here i am waiting for an mblaqxDara pic. and yeah..protective doongie probably didn’t allow it..haiz

  4. Sweet Dara!!
    Park Siblings are the best!
    She is such a sweet noona..never fail to show her support and love for her Baby brother and his group!

  5. super sweet! and they look like twins

  6. Dara4ever said:

    L0l!thunder is so sexy f0r me w/ that kind of cl0thes..
    >l0ve the park siblings!

  7. twins…….

    just like i said dara noona will never be absent….. when it comes to doongie……

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