Update #2:

[TRANS] Dudung!!! 2NE1 TV Season 3 has been revealed~! Princess Dara’s room (T/N: Dara said “Dara-gong” kekeke! Princess Daraaaa!)! Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Sharing Princess’s room before revealing everything ke ke Something to look forward to! +.+

Update #1:

[TRANS] I am the best~!!! The music video has been released!!! Did everyone see it already?!? During the last scene, we got scared of each other ke ke ke It’s funny saying that you are afraid of each other ke ke ke All of the four who were there ke ke Kkya!!! 


Source: http://me2day.net/21dara
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara



Comments on: "Me2Day: Princess Dara and 2NE1 Got Scared of Each Other!" (11)

  1. arsheen said:

    i think the reason why YG makes her do all the crazy things because she is the kind of person who can give justice on all of them… no matter how weird or funny it maybe, she remains beautiful… remember what YG sad, “she makes the impossible, possible.”

    But I also definitely agree that they should all shift positions for some time… i want to see my dara being dressed prettily and dance sexily… but i am scared of the fanboys… what will they do? they might not be able to control themselves… and maybe more fanboys will come… this might also be the reason why YG does not give her the pretty roles.. they are avoiding a commotion among fanboys over dara… hehe…

  2. Agree, she’s too pretty…

    But I just hope to see other 2ne1 members to make some changes, especially with BOM, she always has pretty make-up and girly clothes, I want to see her in Dara’s unique style too. I saw CL and Minji with some crazy style, but with Bom she’s always like that, with the girly concept.

  3. Yes, Princess Dara I’ve seen the MV already and the song title itself lives up to our expectations. Dara looks like a cute rabbit on the 2nd pic. 2NE1 IS THE BEST!!! ^_^

  4. Can’t wait to see her room, I’m so curious if YG really let her have her princess bed.
    And about the MV, honestly I don’t really like all the outfits that she wore.
    But, oh well she still looked pretty. So that’s ok, I guessed.

  5. I think they would all suit with the changes Isev. They’ve done it already.

    Dara is so lovable. lol

  6. She’s pretty… Why YG want her to have craziest hair and make-up??? but the funny thing is that the fans always saw her beauty even with the most weirdest hairstyle… That’s a natural beauty…

    In all of their MVs, Dara with the craziest style, CL the fierce lady, Minzy with the sexy moves and clothes and Bom is more on the pretty face.

    I really hope on their next MV, YG will make changes, like CL with the pretty face and girly side, while minzy the fierce look, Dara with sexy moves and clothes and Bom with craziest hairstyle and clothes.

    What you think???

    • I’m totally agree w/u 🙂

    • AGREE!!!!!

    • count me in! agree 1000%

    • Dara’s crazy styles and quirky antics is what gets the public attention, though. =P I think it’s appropriate for 2NE1’s official Public Relations officer. 😛

      It suits her personality, too, and she’s pretty enough that she can actually carry it. She was never the cutesy, girly type. She’s so uniquely Dara ❤

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