2NE1TV is back and that’s not all there is to it… ITS GOING TO BE WORLDWIDE!!! How do you guys feel about this? Are you all excited? I personally cannot wait!

Credit: MNET

Comments on: "Video: MNET 2NE1TV Season 3 Worldwide Teaser" (13)

  1. Yssabella said:

    Am i blind? But I saw it will be shown in US 7/17 and in Korea 7/19… Why they will show it in US first instead of Korea? I hope it will be shown in all continents… ^ _^

  2. WAA!:D So excited!:))) 2NE1 is definitely bringing it on!!:)))

  3. Yey! I wanna watch them here in the US! So funny that CL has to make a switch just to be with Dara. You guys are right, Dara is very flexible and likable. I’d love to be her roommate too!

  4. Yssabella said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong… I heard Dara say “Kamusta”… If ever, so sweet of her! ^_^

  5. EXCITED!!

    From what I heard, Bom is dorming with Minzy and CL is with Dara. and supposedly, Dara wasn’t CL’s original roommate but CL managed to bully someone to switch with her, hehe.

    hahaha, I hope it’s true. BUT I STILL WANT THEM ALL IN THE SAME DORM ;___; and this better be NOT overproduced and it should be full of candid moments like season 1, YG!

    • Yssabella said:

      what do you mean? Did she bully either one of Bom or Minzy?
      Well, Dara is neutral, she can handle the characters/attitude of each of the 3 girls…
      No wonder…. hehehe! ^_^

  6. Yey!!! 2NE1 TV seasons 3 and worldwide, now how lucky can we get? we’re definitely excited Goddess D. 2NE1 is the best!!! ^_^

  7. It’s time for me to celebrate! ❤

  8. Worldwide? as in Philippines including? how? ^___^ seems too good to be true! ^^

    wow. I hope Mnet will follow KBS. same with SBS.

    oh, it only says America. hmmm

  9. I just went numb. I don’t want 2NE1 to go to America. They were always my secret! I know’ll they’ll do great in America though. Go 2NE1! What channel will the Worldwide thing be on?

  10. crazybookworm2011 said:

    when? soon i hope, been waiting….

  11. WORLD WIDE!!!!!!!! They are just the best ever!!!

  12. Green Mango said:

    Woohoo!!!! Vrd wide!!!!!

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