“I Am The Best” is finally out! So what do you guys think? Does the beat make you want to get up and dance? Does it make you want to shake your booty? LOL How do you think our Goddess Dee did? She’s awesome right? 

Even though this is posted, please don’t forget to download the song legally! Let us all support our girls! Dara really worked hard in promoting “I Am The Best!” Let us not fail her! ^_^

Credit: Hanguk83@YT

Audio teasers released earlier this week after the cut 🙂

Check out teasers 1 and 2 HERE

Credit: 2NE1

Comments on: "Audio: “I AM THE BEST” is finally out!!!" (53)

  1. orthodontist said:

    Thank you for making this site so easy to find information. good stuff. Saving this one for later.

  2. I was reading about 2NE1’s article on another site and there were many haters. Now, I see just the same criticism, only here, blackjacks against other 2NE1 members. This is sad. The group is intact and whether we favor one over the other, fans should be intact as well. I love Dara, Bommie, CL, and Minzy. Whoever has more lines shouldn’t be an issue, YG would let them shine on their own be it solo activity or as a group. Blackjacks unite. ^-^

  3. Guys. I guess it can be counted as connected to this mv since its all about dara’s hair. But have you spotted the similarity with Wooyoung’s hair for their comeback and dara’s hair for “I am the best”? totally similar with style and color on top 🙂 check this out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXQ4fy7-4w8&feature=related

  4. jazzyhoo said:

    really, it’s so INCREDIBLE ! “2NE1- I am the best” well done all of you girls!! i always love and support 2NE1!! hwaiting!!! gyaaaa!!! >___< ❤

  5. A direct link to itunes or soribada in the main page would probably help with the support and remind people to buy it instead of downloading it illegally.

  6. ILOVEYG said:



  7. heartstopper said:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwp0nEmJXXs here is the performance before it gets blocked

  8. heartstopper said:

    go on twitter the inki is up! check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqyjk1UW1bs

  9. really l0ve it!still waiting impatiently f0r the mv and their perf0rmance..

  10. Finally! this song just grew on me..1st time hearing it, just AMUSED BY IT..2nd time, LIKED IT..replayed it, LOVED IT..and now, HOOKED TO IT!!!

  11. kukay06 said:

    2ne1 is the best!!!! dara voice is jjang!!! 2ne1 nolja!!! comgrats!!! “)

  12. bleighton_chaera! said:

    ..i so love it!can’t wait for the mv release!

  13. remember 2ne1 tv teddy and gd were listening to a beat when yg came in?
    if you listen to it carefully it was the same beat as this one.
    no wonder i loved that beat! it was for 2ne1!
    teddy is trully a musical genius!
    2ne1 the best!

  14. danelle said:

    i dont know ,not sure but why i feel that gdragon
    was the one who said the “pprrrrraaaaaa” in this song..
    well just me…(am i the only one who noticed this??lol)its just my big headset i guess…lol.
    nwy,this song is great!awesome!! and goddess your voice is the best here..
    2ne1 the best!

    • hahah me too!! i thought that’s GD or teddy but only i noticed it…but i think its teddy.. Gd’s praah is somewhat have more swag ^.^

  15. 2ne1 is the best!..

  16. dara ra rah! said:

    the song is ok for me. As usual i got excited just hearing Dara’s voice lol.
    I was hoping not so much techno but that’s ok, they gonna kill it live anyways.

  17. At first I thought Dara’s rap part is MInzy but I was totally wrong.When i saw the lyrics wahhhh it’s Goddess Deeh.DARAPPER YOUR THE BEST!

  18. the song is good..
    dara’s part was jjang!!
    the girls sang their parts well
    hope to see another song where each have clear solo parts ^^

  19. hm… no more “eh eh eh?!!!” but still AMAZING!!!!!!! yeh 2NE1

  20. justsomerandomguy said:

    My Goddess Dee (yup mine XD) is dope! See, Teddy-hyung, Dara’s voice will still be as beautiful as ever, as ethereal as ever even without stacking it and even without autotunes!

    From the first part, she showed a very sweet voice and upping it up on the second part, she showed some swag by altering her voice without forcing so much. It’s a breathe of fresh air coz this song bring more justice to Dara!

    I lilly lilly lilly LOVE YOU NOONA!!

  21. dara still the best ever

  22. amazing song i love the voice of dara here and the music is so good gogogogo 2ne1 amaze the world,

  23. kwondarong said:

    when will the mv out?

  24. unknown_lurker said:

    I liked the song very much at the first go. So yeah, it was great. =)

  25. arsheen said:

    daebak!!! everyone did great… dara’s voice is more powerful here… wanna go clubbing now…

    2ne1 fighting!!!

    perfect allk-kill

  26. guys check out a review on this song by restless wanderer : istoryablues.blogspot.com

  27. Dara4ever said:

    Sö bad for me c0z its n0t applicble in m0bile thru this site..:-(

  28. Yssabella said:

    Another side of Dara! woohoo! FTW! ^_^ ♥♥♥

  29. tamtamie said:

    WOW! i’m indeed speechless… DARA is DOPE! O_O

  30. Dalong is getting better! so proud of her. :’)

    her vocals sound very clean, properly projected, and not breathy in this one. can’t wait for the mv! ❤

  31. madz_Parker said:

    am i the only one thinking that this is again CL’s song?? lol…overall, so loving the beat!! teddy sure is a genius!! love Dara’s voice!! ;D

    • hyunae16 said:

      me too. even Bom doesn’t have many lines. and she is the main vocals

      • Green Mango said:

        Me3. Love, love Dara`s voice!!!

      • Sorry but Bom got her fair share already, she has her solo, and she got fair line in Lonely. I’m actually tired of complaining about their lines.
        But anyways, the song is dope.
        Love Dara’s part.
        I’ve read the english trans. of this song.
        And the lyrics is kinda suit for each member.

    • that’s probably how it should be for this song.

      honestly, the parts that are given to CL are usually the monotonous parts that suits her tone really well, and the other members are more suited to more melodic parts. just imagine dara’s voice with CL’s flat, one liners. it won’t have that impact/swag, since Dara is more sweet-sounding. and for now, songs like this is just 2ne1’s signature style.

      and just as well, CL won’t sound as good with Dara’s “Kiss” song. (lol, can you imagine? xD) maybe when they start branching out with different styles, the lines would be more equal.

      I really wish 2ne1 would learn how to harmonize, though! (singing together instead of one by one) they would sound amazing. 🙂

      • can’t agree with you more ^.^ i honestly think this is the best arranged song of the girls..where all they deserve all the parts… i love how they didn’t stick to a fixed part..like in “follow me” where there’s a pattern.. i like how in the 2nd part they switched places and Darong’s rap here is daebak!! i thought her part was cl..her rap here got so much swag…like in her rap for cj media ^.^

      • Green Mango said:

        Perhaps. Or maybe they could have Bom do a rap too. I wonder what that would have sounded like. Too much of a monotone is too much for some. I do hope you understand that not all like the sound of a monotone person. Peace out. 🙂

    • TheTurly said:

      ‘i honestly think this is the best arranged song of the girls’ For me too and besides the chorus, ‘I’m the best’ of CL and ‘Bomratata’ of Minzy (that I don’t count) CL have 3 verse while the others have 2 verse so for me it’s ok.

  32. Crazy4Dara said:

    I love it!!! Now I can’t wait for the cool MV

  33. nuga ni-ga naboda deo jal na-ga
    No no no no Na na na na
    nuga ni-ga naboda deo jal na-ga
    No no no no Na na na na
    nuga ni-ga naboda deo jal na-ga
    No no no no Na na na na
    nuga ni-ga naboda deo jal na-ga
    No no no no Na na na na

    Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
    Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
    Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
    Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
    Bam Ratatata Tatatatata

  34. EPIC!..can’t wait for the music video!..^^

  35. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. TheTurly said:

    I really really like it!! While listening this, you just want to dance! For Dara.. well I’m really happy cuz 1. No autotune, I’ve nothing against autotune but it’s been long time that they don’t use autotune for a dancing song 2. Her singing it’s so fresh compared to others!! And she ‘rap’ too, it shows her talents 3. The beat is sick!! Can’t wait for the MV, I’m sure I’ll love it even the hat of Dara is.. well I don’t care she always had weird things and I’ll like this way.

  38. this is DAEBAK!! can’t stop replaying. Dara did good!
    P.s hope no one will say she has little line again, its tiring already.

    • Green Mango said:

      Sorry, couldn`t resist. Little vs few. Countable vs uncountable. Yeah, me too, I am also very tired of her few lines in their previous songs. At least here, she has more. 😉 We love you Dara. So proud of you. Aja aja fighting!!!

  39. at last!!! was waiting for this, i like the beat. Waiting to be all kill…blackjacks,,,Nolja!

  40. The song is dope for me. I love it, and I’m jamming with it now, can’t help not to dance with it, lol. I’m so proud of our girl Dara. ❤ She delivers her line flawlessly and clean. I can't wait for the epic MV, I saw her hat and the super cool mercedes she's riding in. Thanks for this.

  41. lorejack said:

    omg i love itttttttttttttt the beat is sickkkkk i love you my bad girlsssss 2NE1 ♥nollja

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