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[TRANS][ME2DAY][YG ON AIR] Today is the last live session of Lonely… There! Feeling sad and in tears while in the room filming Lonely! PR Director Park has graciously prepared gifts for YG ON AIR! Etude waterproof mascara! Feel free to shed some tears, and not worry about keeping your face pretty! (Gentlemen, if you win, just give it as a gift for your mother or girlfriend) 

Tags: It’s easy to join, just stay tuned for PR Director Park’s instructions, do you think it would be easy? ^.^


[TRANS][ME2DAY][YG ON AIR][UPDATE 2] On the past 5 episodes of YG ON AIR, 5 winners were chosen, and today, on the 6th episode, there would be 10 more winners added! So, there will be a total of 15 winners. Please have a fighting spirit ^.^

Tags: Take notice of the room where Lonely is being taken.


[TRANS][ME2DAY][YG ON AIR][UPDATE 3] First [Surprise Quiz] On YG ON AIR’s broadcast today, how many times was the word “LONELY” said?


[TRANS][ME2DAY][YG ON AIR][UPDATE 4] Second 🙂 What do you think of today’s LONELY? Open your ears and share your different opinions! 

Tags: Please don’t go, I’m lonely… ㅜ


[TRANS][ME2DAY][YG ON AIR][UPDATE 5] And lastly, third! up to this episode, YG ON AIR has aired LONELY, which version of “Lonely” do you love the most? Episode/ Please state your reason ^.^ (Although you will still continue to love Lonely right ↘chu↗)

Tags: First hint/ The non-members mentioned “Lonely” how many times? He he Aha, if you want to win the price, answer the first quiz, go go!


Source: Music.naver.com + YG On Air’s Me2day + 

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Video/Photos: 2NE1 on ‘YG On Air’ Episode 6" (14)

  1. new here!…i love bigbang&2ne1.. :D..Park sisters rocks!..hehe

  2. new here!…i love bigbang&2ne1.. :D..

  3. divz2ne1 said:

    how i so much love all of their LONELY versions…

  4. ouley29 said:

    It was PERFECT!!! I loved it!!!
    Someone even suggested they do a trot version of it, lol.
    I’m sure they would have pwnd it too!!!
    Dara is so pretty as usual!! Minzy is getting more and more gorgeous by the day!
    Bommie and CL are ❤ ~

  5. ..their fashion always tells you “…IM EDGY WITH A TWIST, ECCENTRIC, DRAMATIC, COOL YET WEARABLE and EXPENSIVELY BADASS. ..”…in short, this fashion is 2NE1’s.

  6. dara is very pretty..i really love her performance today. her voice is very relaxing to hear. i’m looking forward for their nxt song…. dara fighting!!!

  7. smartee said:

    i like the transition to softness (dara’s part).. on the other hand, i like how badass the voices of the three and how they attack the song..what’s so good about them is they exhibit great emotions, they do well in interpreting and conveying the message.

  8. smartee said:

    i love this performance!!! so much….each of their voices are very distinct from one another..giving you a chance to appreciate each one offers..

    their voices for me:

    bom- soul, foundation
    minzy- powerful, steady
    dara- softness, adds flavor, gives a nice touch
    cl- diverse, can shift from soft to hardcore

  9. Dara4ever said:

    I so0ö l0ve her big ph0to!

  10. Thanks so much for updating and for translating so fast Belle unnie. Goddess is gorgeous as always. I love the Me2day pic of D with a mascara….lol. She’s flawless.

  11. phimoemoerice said:

    Thanks 😀

  12. thank you!!! the phots are jjang!!! waiting for the YT version!!! hwaiting!!!

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