Comments on: "News: Sandara Park admits that performing with 2NE1 in Manila is a dream come true for her" (3)

  1. lorenadenise said:

    joseph bitangcol was there? hmnn

  2. philippines is at it again…now that they know ‘Sandara Park ‘ is popular once again…they never stop making articles about her…

  3. as a long-time fan, im so proud of what sandy has achieved…
    the good thing about is the fact that she stays humble
    and never forgets where she come from…
    she is a Filipino by heart!! ^^
    hope they will get a chance to have concerts outside Manila as well
    the whole Philippines adores her!!! ^^
    2ne1 is also epic in terms of talents with each of the girls (CL,BOM,MINZY AND DARA)
    bringing in each flavor to makes up the kpop group 2ne1 jjang!! ^^

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