Source: Manila Bulletin

Comments on: "Feature: [Manila Bulletin] What Sandara Park craves for" (7)

  1. Сайт [b][/b] о путешествиях и туризме. [b]Рассказы о походах, подводном плавании, спорте и путешествиях[/b] во всем мире.
    На самом деле супер сайт, автор пишет с юмором о своих путешествиях и отдыхе за границей.
    Очень полезная инфа, для тех кто отдыхает за границей и в СНГ.
    Там же можно подписаться на рассылку.

  2. ygbaby2 said:

    i hope there’s a fancam of this interview, i really want to see 2ne1’s reaction to giselle’s question to bom

    • iwantkimchi said:

      The interview was recorded for airing on TV (as to which channel or website, am not sure.)

  3. lol. fun interview! ^^ i wish she threw them more questions but i guess time was a constraint.

  4. the article is jjang…
    wah…i was laughing at her question to bommie…that was funny!!!
    sandy has not changed…she still craves pinoy food!!
    wah…she really is a pinoy at heart!!!
    love you sandy!!!

  5. gurlfight13 said:

    “I am not afraid to fart after beacuse I am human. And it is human to fart”- Park Bom ..
    Hilarious!!.. I love her more.. Park sisters for the win!..

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