Remember Dara’s me2day update last April 17? She was described as “coy” and “sexy” by the media in the news articles that came out after 😀 ^.* (and yes! ‘so agree! <3)

‘Turns out that our “coy and sexy Dara” was also…

being naughty and playful at that exact same (cropped) pic… where she was actually burying Jjangmae in the sand! 🙂 LMAO! Adorkable Dara with funny Jjangmae! Pure win! 🙂

Source: Jihunnimeda@Twitter (Jjangoo Manager)

Thanks to: 2ne1BBshabam + WeLoveDara

Comments on: "[Twitter]Photo: Dara is coy, sexy and… ^.*" (18)

  1. I love her manager! He’s so cute! & This picture made me lol.

  2. this photo cracked me up. they are lookin’ adorable. darn! 678 is in the dara’s next cf day, he will be the most famous manager in SK lol. lookin forward to their cf.

  3. LMAO!!! That was hilarious!!! XDDD Who would’ve thought? XD The dorky dynamic duo strikes again! XDDD

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i so laughed out loud when i saw the whole picture! aigoo! dara unnie, you are really so dorky!..and jjangmae too! HAHA!:DD

  5. Manager Jjang I think his on the cf too..

  6. haha… I saw a caption from Jjangoo manager’s tweet he called Dara “noona” meaning he’s younger. just when I thought that there managers are older than them..

    He’s getting famous, I think Pres. Yang should be preparing for his debut.. haha.. 😀

  7. Lmao!! They are just too cute of a pair. Ahaha.

    He looks like he’s having fun too, kekekek

  8. Green Mango said:

    LMAO!!! Dara yah, you got us!!!! 🙂

  9. it looks like jangoo manager is gonna be featured again in this cf

  10. Jam 잠닐 said:

    Manager Jjanggo and Dara are so close together! 😀

  11. Crazy4Dara said:

    Dara & Jjangoo Manager are so cute. They are like kids playing in the sand. It seems that they are very close to each other. Jjangoo Manager is getting famous coz Dara always feature him in her Me2days or even her CF.

  12. 2ne1doll said:

    Hahaha! That’s funny! Most of her posts have sequels, huh? XD So cute, Dara!

  13. hahaha i thought she was in some kind of melodrama feeling keke it ends up she was actually playing kekeke
    naughty gorgeous DARA!!!

  14. tikilovesapples said:

    LMAO! aigooo…dara’s dorkiness is pure epic! And all along i thought this was supposed to be a serious pic.

    678 + dara FTW!! lol

  15. what if she falls in love with the manager haha he is always making fun of him.

  16. 2ne1shabam said:

    remember guys, Dara is scary when lonely..LMAO…i love her bullying her manager…and Jjangoo having the time of his life being bullied…haha

  17. vindara11 said:

    .whoa now that i saw this pic i am so0o0o excited og may 1
    this is part of her cf mv..i guess…!:))

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