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Twitter/Photo: 2NE1 with Lee Hyosup – “World Class 2NE1”

Judging from their outfit, it seems to be from the Etude Pink Play Concert in August (゜▼゜*)

“World Class 2NE1”

Source: @spiffyhyosup

Photos: BTS Photos of Dara for Etude Sweet Propose!

OMG! I swear Dara looks so young! <333  She looks so beautiful in these photos!!! 


[Twitter]Photo: Dara is coy, sexy and… ^.*

Remember Dara’s me2day update last April 17? She was described as “coy” and “sexy” by the media in the news articles that came out after 😀 ^.* (and yes! ‘so agree! <3)

‘Turns out that our “coy and sexy Dara” was also…