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Comments on: "Me2day: Goddess Dara is lonely and playing in the sand" (23)

  1. Is that part of the CF the word “lonely” or is that what she really feels? Goddess D don’t feel lonely we your fans are here to cheer you up. She really looks hot in that pose, a real Goddess indeed. ^_^

  2. woa:) She is so pretty:)) Breathtakingly and simply gorgeous:)) i love her outfit:))

  3. Waaaaahhhhhhh! I’m so loving all her pictures for the summer Etude promotion! She is so hot, gorgeous, pretty!!! I can’t find the right words to describe how awesome she is! ♥

    Thank you Etude! Because you’re letting us see another side of Dara that is most often not displayed or emphasized during their group promotions.

  4. justsomerandomguy said:

    no Dara, i’m not yet gone. I’m just hiding from the people who’s trying to kill me. don’t worry baby, i’ll come back and we’ll be happy. Don’t cry.

    preview of a drama feat. justsomerandomguy and Dara. Showing on May 1.


  5. Green Mango said:

    The tags on her Me2day for this entry are:-
    sand sandy sandara dara me2photo.
    So appropriate. 🙂

  6. this pix from the cf is really something…getting too much excited for airing ..WHEN will it BE??? Darayah….getting gorgeous everyday:D…Fighting!!!:D

  7. WOW! Beautiful shot! ^___^ This Etude shoot of hers is the best so far, IMO. So many eye-candies! Keep ’em coming, Dara-unnie! <3333

  8. i guess her message of loneliness is based on
    the picture(like telling a story)..not her true feelings at all..

    she’s a very happy girl..
    dara is very pretty and charming playing
    on the sand..

  9. hyuwhieyl said:

    all these stills from the new etude cf is pushing my patience to its limits. i want the cf NOW! *tantrums*

  10. dear yg,
    pls allow dara and the rest of 2ne1 to sometimes look like this way, ok?

  11. sooo beautiful! 🙂 dara-yah, don’t be lonely T_T

    addt’l: now, i wonder… she mentioned the word, “lonely” at least 4 or 5 times in her me2 post… could it be a clue? 😀

    hwaiting! 🙂

  12. wow!! you’re beauty is so breathtaking!!!

  13. kwondarong said:

    She really misses him

  14. Why is she lonely? I’m getting worried. Did something happen? She looked fine in the fancam I just saw. Is this a clue about their comeback? I hope so!

    • maybe she’s just too shy or modest to say she’s loVely 😮 so let me do it for her 🙂

      “Ah…Lovely Dara… Getting more lovely… Maybe this loveliness can be good… Lovely, lovely…”

      doesn’t sound bad, right? lol…
      oh dara, u look absolutely loNely 😮

  15. i’m lost for words. just so difficult to find the right words to describe Dara Park’s beauty and charm. she’s such a fascinating lady. London.

  16. venusgail said:

    whaaa..I’m speechless…she’s really pretty

  17. Why is she this so pretty, playing like a little kid! Lol, she’s lonely because her playmates left her alone there! I’m freakin’ in love w/ this little pretty thing named Sandara Park!

  18. beautiful dara…yayyy…she’s like a ten year old girl playing on the sand…

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