The CF’s not out yet… but check out Goddess D in the newly released web ads HERE 

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[TRANS][TWITTER] @spiffyhyosup: Come and see Dara-rabbit (Daratokki) and her umbrella for Etude on May 1st! (via WeLoveDara)

Etude Summer Make-up. All-day henna fix, waterproof mascara, without smearing ke k

[Trans][Twitter] Etude Summer Make-up. All-day henna fix, waterproof mascara, without smearing ke ke Sandara Park’s Etude Aloha Girl

Dara with the staff (?) of Sol Beach Resort 🙂

Credits: spiffyhyosup@twitter + + DCpinkMIC + Cyworld + Pinkyasumi + aran_y + + OfficialDaraGon + etudeplay

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Thanks to: WeLoveDara + knucklepink + daphne84 + OfficialDaraGon

Comments on: "Photos: [Updated] Dara As Etude’s Aloha Girl" (167)

  1. choisunghee said:

    was this cf filmed before she cut her hair short? she looks soo much prettier!

  2. mishee said:

    where’s the cf?huhuhu miss the girl anyway her bb mineral is a hard to find stuff its always Out of stock and i think its her fault lol….

  3. dararose29 said:

    I was in a mall this afternoon and saw an etude shop. Dara is so cute in her billboard. She is so pretty, I think they are launching the aloha collection . They even have 2 mascots for the event. …. Just sorry for myself because i was not able to drop by and look inside , need to do something important….

  4. lorenadenise said:

    i’m searching and looking for the etude’s cf.where is it?i feel cheated by etude.they said they will release the cf on may 1 but it’s already may 2.

  5. shangmarie said:

    today is may 2! where the cf?

  6. it’s may2 already… etude!!! where’s the cf?!

    aaaargghh!!.. sorry i’ve grown impatient already… been waiting for the cf all week,,,


  8. madz_Parker said:

    i’m 2 weeks absent in SandaraWorld…it felt like hell.. (harsh) btw, where’s the cf? ;p

  9. yeah, may 1’s almost over in korea. we’re using the same calendar system, right? lol

  10. shangmarie said:

    where the CF?

  11. vindara11 said:

    ..whoa where the cf:(

  12. kwondarong said:

    where’s the cf?

  13. ckjack_bla said:

    Aloha Girl CF will be released today 😀

  14. yeezzzzzz..tomorrow is the day that i am waiting FOR…:))

  15. dararose29 said:

    love her pic with shades beside the pool. So feminine . So SEXY and BEAUTIFUL.. Can’t wait for the official CF…

  16. awwww!!!she’s so gorgeous ….drool!^^ (just kidding)

    she looks like eugene in some of her shots!!

  17. VelvetBBlack said:

    *FAINTS* the new pictures are just love..
    Goddess D can perfectly fit with any concept! I’m loving every bit of this Aloha girl 😀

    Thank You for fresh updates <333

  18. ahcedara said:

    if the girls are releasing their solo songs. I hope dara’s song would be the etude themesong

  19. I love all Goddess D’s photo shoot it’s about time she wears girly girl clothes. I can’t wait to watch her new CF. ^_^

  20. Arhggggg……. this pix are making the heat of summer have a fresh and cool feeling to it…’s to HOt but DARONG is much HOTTER 😀

  21. Love the latest Pic released by spiffyhyosup!
    GAAAHHH!!! Dara Dara Gorgeous Sandara!!
    She looks soo heavenly..angelic <333!!

  22. very lovely!!!! she looks so happy… 🙂

  23. can this get any better? all the pics are just WOW! so pretty. delicate. precious. gorgeous. charming. Dara!

  24. omo! another gorgeous pic of dara unnie! i love it!

  25. vindara011 said:

    WAKEKEK ANOTHER BEAUTIFul photo..! ^_*
    can’t wait 4 may 1..and 2ne1 comeback…to see DARA PERFORM ON STAGE AGAIN..WAT A WONDERFULL LIFE ^_^

  26. IS IT TRUE THAT DARA IS AN Atheists????????????????

  27. cant wait for may 1…yay!!!

  28. More I see these pictures more I want Dara’s long hair back ^^ She’s just supa gorgeous

  29. daragonlove said:

    love the latest picture…very alluring!

  30. waaaahhhh………..the latest photo is cute!!!

  31. dying to see the CF.

  32. goddess all the way~!!

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  34. pinkprincez_mya said:

    woooooaaahhhh… that legs… OMO that legs!!!! O.O

  35. madz_Parker said:

    love the 2 new added pics! she’s really getting younger,.

  36. dara is goooooooorgeous…….

  37. waaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *faints*………………..wake up………….*scream*…..

    DARA YAH….!!!! CAN I MARRY U…????????????????

  38. Dara-ah why are you killing me! AAhhhhhhhh I’m fan-girling right now. Ahhhh….*screams*…….*cries*…….*screams again*……*faints*………*dies*……… LOL.
    You’re really a GODDESS. Love U so much Ssantokki. ❤ I love that they included rabbit too., heheh….*winks winks*…..
    Ahhhhh….*screams*…*smiles*…….and repeats the same process…..lmao.

  39. 4everdara said:

    waaaaaaaa love the new photo’s….so pretty..kekek.. im so excited ..=)) i think im dying here now waiting for may 1 comes…haha…

  40. […] Source: @spiffyhyosup and OhDara […]

  41. Soooo preettyy! I heard big bang boys were in the same location where she did the photoshoot? Protective brothers? =)))

    • tikilovesapples said:

      really? really???? :)))))

      • yes. I just read it on one of bb/2ne1 fan pages. If youve seen the vid or the post that seungri put in his me2day. He mentioned that he saw top and taeyang on daemyung resort which is sol beach. =))

        • But then it might be wrong. Idk. I have to do my own research =x Nevertheless dara unnie sooo gorgeous!

          • tikilovesapples said:

            oh, i think i saw that vid too. thanks for the info nani! 🙂
            i definitely agree with you! i hope they release more hq pics soon! keke ^^

  42. beautiful!…

  43. ugh DARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why so pretty ,,,, oh my DARA dara dara!
    so obssed with you *dang*

  44. dara is so hot beautiful……if she will have a long black her, it will make her young and innocent. But always even in different hairstyle Dara will be pretty….Hope to see her again in stage….. i miss the 2ne1 and daragon moments…..Love love love….

  45. Dara looks gorgeous with long hair! She doens’t even look her age, she looks like 17 in those photoshoot he-he…Goddess D fighting!!! ^_^

  46. so pretty..dara unnie, you are really a goddess….

  47. She is really pretty and uber so cute with that picture where she was like playing in the water and her hair was tied up. So Pretty! Can’t wait for the cf!:D

  48. apple_mango said:

    what???!!did she said she tanned her skin??
    but why her skin still a milky white???

  49. aaaah soo pretty! dara unnie! @.@

  50. Dara ra rah! said:

    okayyy not exaggerating but that recent solo pic looks like she’s only 10 yrs old. o_O How is that even possible?

    She’s a threat to all the 10yr olds out there lol

  51. Dara should grow her hair back and keep it black or dark. She looks best with long and dark hair.

  52. I cannot wait for the official fotos to come out!

  53. tmmerto91 said:

    Guys, watch this video that I’ve found…

    It’s so refreshing to have a review of goddess D’s different hairstyles. Keke

  54. I really like her with long hair and in those photos she looks so simple yet very beautiful. ^_^

  55. iHeartGD said:

    she’s really beautiful..

  56. lalajoys said:


    dara had a tatoo “hena” on the shoulder..!

  57. kwondarong said:

    Her beauty is for drama too.. She should be on a drama

    • that’s what i had in my mind also.. seeing the picture with the staff she looks like an actress… dara has grown into a beautiful lady now.. yes she is always pretty but being beautiful is what she is in this gorgeous pictures..can’t stop looking at her, felt envy though and i’m inspired.. she’s my wallpaper on my laptop.. love her.. XD

    • yeah..waiting for it to happen.
      Mr.YG should allow Dara to do drama!!
      with Min ho,or Jongki!!

  58. icecraze said:

    Waaah…. Dara you’re really a goddess!!!
    I’m so in love with you right now even though i’m a girl
    I can’t stop staring at your pics…

  59. sillyhearts said:

    Stunning! Absoulutely Stunning!!
    Daraya~ Why are you soo dang Gorgeous?! WHY!! LOL!
    She looks soo fresh and keeping that youthful glow..
    Vampire Santokki is <333!!!

  60. She looks really pretty with this hair. I hope she keeps those extensions in a bit longer 😛

  61. love her hair.. so girly.. 🙂

  62. OHMYGODDESS! How could you be so freakin’ gorgeous, Dara-unnie?! Her skin is glowing like crazy! And the long dark hair is definitely bringing out the goddess aura! I love it! Can’t wait for her HQ pics and CF! ^____^ <3333

  63. deshiiiii said:

    i miss you goddess d!!!!! long hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT TO THE max :))))))))))


  64. dead………blag…lol

  65. those men in suits….
    makes me feel like Dara is the first daughter…and they are there to protect her…haha…

  66. CAN I BLINK? O_O

  67. justsomerandomguy said:

    why Dara-noona?! why you’re always making my heart skipped so many beats? why you’re always making me blush and why you’re always killing me with your goddess beauty? but i do like it so keep it coming! ^_^

  68. cristina0422 said:

    I don’t find her that skinny like what other people say. She’s actually gaining weight now. Look at those puffy cheeks and her toned arms. Her body is proportional. She’s a small girl, what can you expect? She will look awkward if she will have big arms and big legs. Tsk!

  69. how do you spell “perfect”….???



  71. i love the way she poise and her cuteness so out standing, the way she smile and those eyes make any adams admire and many angels may come to earth to witness her beauty…

  72. perfect! absolutely beautiful 😀 THATS OUR IDOL! ❤ beautiful person inside and out 🙂 so proud of her!

  73. PINKYASUMI said:




  74. ARGH. i miss her long hair! D: why did she even cut it 😦 but still, any hair cut suit on herrrr! XD :”3 She’s really a goddess *envy mode*

    oh wait, i think misspelled it, i mean. they will COME! :))))
    lmfao!! XD

  76. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I LOVE U GODDESS DEE<333333333333

  77. I’m excited to see her new Etude CF. Godess Dara with gorgeous long sexy hair!!! ^_^

  78. Goddess who falls in water! She’s so gorgeous with that long black hair but I still prefer her short hair, idk why? 😀

  79. OMG! What a beauty! I can stare at this picture for the whole day.

  80. tangerine_24 said:

    O-O …good lord..waahhhh….*faints…

  81. this is how to style her hair!
    enough with the palm tree! and the curly!
    (think tangerine cf)
    sorry to those who are luving those styles
    but those really don’t bring out the goddess in her–
    though she still manages to look good/cute.
    hope she’ll be donning her inag and idc hair again…

    i think there’ll be a resurgence of fanboys making confessions in public 🙂

    • madz_Parker said:

      yeah. 2ne1 stylists need to learn from this. LOL ..
      pretty pretty pretty… made me question my sexuality! ;p

  82. she’s truly a goddess on earth..I mised her long hair..aigoo.Fanboys will go crazy over this..She’s so damn pretty..I can’t wait to see the cf 😛 I LOVE HER LONG HAIR :p

  83. twinklebelle said:

    “” more more fanboys waiting for our Dara this summer!!!””
    …..Being simple makes Dara prettiest ever!!!

  84. ckjack_bla said:

    I’m lovestruck to Dara! like BAM!!! ❤

  85. what can i say? she’s very beautiful!!!! Dara ya fighting!!!!

  86. this gonna be soo EPIC!

  87. daragonlove said:

    whew!stunningly beautiful, amazingly pretty and a perfect example of hotness…DARA DARA DARA make sure you won’t start wildfire in korea!

  88. Chinita24 said:

    She looks much younger with that Hair Color… OMG she looks 16 forever 🙂

  89. Goddess D is so beautiful ~ gives off innocent image of a teenage girl having fun in the pool. Ohh… How can she be so gorgeous? I think she gained a little weight which is good which is good. 🙂

  90. waaaaaa….oh my oh my oh my……
    so pretty!!!!!! goddess d….i love you.!

  91. tamtamie said:

    waah~ she’s so GORGEOUS! i miss her long locks but she still beautiful as ever. 🙂

  92. it’s aloha girl………nice…
    will dara be doing hoola? with a flower on her hair? wearing a grass skirt? and a flower top?

  93. shit!she’s so goddess excited for this Aloha Girl.
    I think fanboys are drooling!!


    I can stare forever! so pretty! kyaah!!!

  95. Jam 잠닐 said:

    Dara Unnie! We miss your long hair so much!!! You look very beautiful on both images! Even when your eyes are closed at the second one! Kekekeke

    Dara Unnie Fighting!!!

  96. She’s… gorgeous… flawless…
    And I’m just… speechless and… breathless…
    Oh Man….

  97. not only does this picture show that she’s so pretty….
    but it also makes me want to rip my clothes…wear a bikini…and go to the beach!!!!
    dara’s bringing the summer in april!!!! wooooo…….

  98. a goddess indeed….love her hair in here!
    i hope etude will continue to expose dara’s feminine side more!!

  99. krishild said:

    haha….alert!!! alert!!!

    FANBOYS ARE COMING………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. OMG!!! so pretty!!!^_^

  101. Crazy4Dara said:

    Before I have this big girl crush on Dara but now seeing her in these pictures, I’m announcing that I’m officially in love w/ this Girl…kekeke. Can’t wait to see this ad.

  102. ..(O.O)….
    …GOddess D so Gorgeous!!!!
    …D-ah wearing a dress,
    w/ long hair, exposed legs, henna, vibrant smyl…
    so perfect!!!…kyah!!!! LuV yAh D!!!

  103. cristina0422 said:

    It’s not fair!
    It’s not fair!

    How come she’s so damn beautiful like that?!

    Oh~ she’s a Goddess, I reckon. Stupid me.

  104. PinkRangerDARA said:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa… gfuyagbrubtatiuv…. waaaaaaaaaaaaa
    *dies* my one and only goddess! TT TT this made me miss her long jet black hair… TT TT cant wait for the cf…. <333
    will be forever staring at the first pic….

  105. sawako chan said:

    i really like the 1st pic..DARA looks so pretty and looks she really having fun …! thats what i really like her she’s so lively ehek ehek…! go dara …:)

  106. shingkit23 said:

    omg!! dara is so beautiful with long hair, so gorgeous… love you dara….u r truly a goddess ^^,

  107. Dang she look like a teenager!!! She look so young and pretty!!!

  108. princess18angela said:

    omg omg omg!!!!!! how can she be soooooo beautiful?? wow!!! she really looks like a goddess here.. i can’t wait for the new cf!!! i’m sure she’ll gain more fanboys…. kkyaaaa!!

    See, this is how she affect us!
    Error much!

    Need I say more?
    I love how we are all stunned by this pretty little thing in front of us(I mean in our computer screen), lol!
    We are in DARA HEAVEN, ecery let us all bow in our gorgeous highness!

  111. LOL at ur guys comments 😀 but agreed to u all..Goddess D is the real the real thing :D..epitome of freshness and beauty …hehehehe…can’t get over the 1st pic..she looks like a fairy in the water 😀 or should i say a gorgeous mermaid :))..more pix..etude 😀

  112. Dara so lovely. I was imagining that this is a drama scene. Awesome beauty!

  113. Haha! I was reading the comments and I was like, Gosh these people are so turned on by these lovely Goddess D pics! XD She looks so lovely with that long, black hair, exactly how I want to look like this summer! 8D

  114. whooooa she looks absolutely STUNNING in the first pic!!!

  115. your gorgeous dara!

  116. stunning… absolutely stunning!!!

    she looks so fresh and flawless… how i love to see her with a long black hair… she looks much younger again… darayah, how could you be so pretty?

    as a girl, i am jealous… but as a fan, i am so proud of you…

  117. dara dara bright dara!!^^ beautiful! and so sexy! *clap,clap,clap,clap* xD. haha… i love ur black long hair!>_<

  118. pinkprincez_mya said:

    aahhh.. so lovely!!!! *drools*.. keke…. miss her long hair… cant wait for the cf… more photos pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. beautiful..wet dara..*smirks

  120. issahgannee said:

    WHAT! I feel like a pervy now.. T__T and im a girL..

  121. yaniedonna said:

    oh my… so fresh… she looks 18 here…. request>>> can we see another pic?? i’m hungry for another shot/pose for etude cf..

  122. haha. reminds me of ‘Ang ganda ko~~~ Feel na feel ang long hair ko~~~’

    She looks super pretty. I agree with sandaraparkfashion, I truly miss her long hair. (and bangs!)

  123. take it off!! take it off!!! dara take that dress off *perv* i want a sexy dara in a swimsuit

    looks like she’s having fun.

    dara in long black hair is gorgeous

  124. ke ke ke…i like the photographer’s wet feet….or maybe i’m just looking for any excuse to post a comment..da*n…so happy..i wanna spam on comments…

  125. Dara Dara Dara!!! I love it!!! Thank you Etude for giving us these pics!!!

  126. da*n…haha…haha….laughing like crazy…running around the room raving mad…going around in circles…
    *gosh so excited!!!

  127. oh my gaaaaaawwwwdddd…..!! happiest moment of the month..dara with long black hair!!!!! in a pool!!!
    man…not only did i miss her long hair..but black hair as well…da&n…so happy…

  128. *stunned*speechless*stares foreverrrrrr*snaps out of it*flails and spazzes forever!*

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 🙂 Dara with long black hair is pure win!

    a water nymph… goddess! ❤

    • tikilovesapples said:

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…*same expression* spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

      omo! dara yah with long hair in a dress in a pool….. 0.0


      i am soooo loving this. more pics! more pics!

      • tikilovesapples said:

        Omo! i missed the first pic! kyaaaah! she has a henna tattoo again! kyaaah! *dang* she’s so pretty 0.0

  129. Flawless! Just flawless! I love her hair. Dara I sooo miss your long hair.

    • f_from canada said:

      Your are right!!! The hair absolutely suits her….gorgeous..look at those lips…wow!! She’s a knockout!!

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