A few days ago, the English Version of 2NE1‘s Can’t Nobody MV was officially released in 2NE1‘s youtube channel. And now,  WILL.I.AM‘s talking about 2NE1 and their songs [for their future english album]! 🙂 8 songs + 2 more? spreading 2NE1 awesomeness in every country… London… Brazil…? Epicness! Can’t wait! 🙂 2NE1, fighting! ❤

Credit: maximotv




Posting these up, because Dara’s uber cute here [and ‘coz I think we haven’t posted these pics before] and just because 😀 Love you, Goddess D! ❤

Credit: 잣.다라 @ DC2NE1 Gallery

Comments on: "Videos: WILL.I.AM on Working with Korean Group 2NE1" (2)

  1. Super cute<333

  2. aww…..you’re so sweet..thanks for the pics…yes dara is ssssssssssssoooooo cute with miniature palm and flyaway light hair….and we love you too..ohdara peeps…thanks!!!

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