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VJ I (Iya): … 0:20 She still knows how to speak tagalog and she still loves the Filipino fans despite all the success

VJ J (Janine):  … 0:50 I’m still with Dara Park who we really really miss a lot! Hello, How are you?

Dara: Hello, how are you all?

VJ: (not sure but she was asking how Dara’s recent visit to the Phil was)

Dara: It was really great!

VJ:Did you get to see your friends?

D: I met up with my friend in ABS (her previous tv company) and SCQ

VJ: Nice, and now you’re here again in Korea,and you’re shooting for Etude. So how are you feeling about being the new face of Etude

D: Very proud!


D: Thank you!

VJ: Tell us about the shooting of the commercial,was it fun?

D: Of course it was fun but at first it I was feeling a little awkward because my image wasn’t like this before,acting cute, so it makes me shy but now I think I’ve gotten used to it.

VJ: Do you think you’re acting experience in the Philippines helped in shooting the commercial?

D: (not sure) personality at that time was ‘krung-krung’ (crazy/4d) yeah, I think my acting there helped a lot.

VJ: What’s your favorite Etude product?

D: My favorite would be their BB cream and blush..

VJ: So you really buy Etude products

D: Yes :)

VJ: (not sure about this part) …do you talk with them about the philippines?What do they know about the philippines?

D: Of course, their favorite would is the dried mangoes and pinipig (rice crispies) and I give these to them all the time..

VJ: and you really really like sinigang..

D: yes!

(this part is not clear)

Next week! More questions on 2ne1′s launch in Japan, baby brother Sanghyun and Dara’s fanboys??


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  1. wildlifeshine said:

    Hi just want to share this article from last week newspaper… (Feb. 14)…sorry its too late but still….

    Valentines Beauty (By: Abby Rebong)

    Aside from donning pretty clothes, don’t forget to complete your Valentine’s Day look with skin and makeup products that will highlight your best assets. Take your cue from Korean pop(super)star Sandara Park, who’s also the newest endorser of Korean makeup brand, Etude House.
    Etude House’s Newest Princess After
    After hitting it big with her girl group, 2NE1, everything seems to be coming up roses for Korean cutie Sandara Park, who, during her Star Circle Quest days was a darling in the local media. Charming, funny bubbly, and ever-so grateful, Sandara Park or Dara (as she’s better known in Korea) is now the new face of Etude House, a brand that’s synonimous with all things sweet, girly and nice. On the set of a new commercial in Korea, Dara shares what it’s like to be in the international spotlight, her beauty regimens, and her favorite ways to de-stress.
    The Difference Sides of Dara
    While admittedly , Dara shares that she’s not really girly-more on tomboyish, she’s incredibly proud to be the new face of Etude House, one of Korea’s biggest makeup brands. Having been a fan of the brand since way back, Dara’s favorite them are the BB Cream, powder, blush, lip gloss, and the Dr. Lash Ampule. Because of her low maintenance beauty regimen, Dara shares that she’s able to get everything done-her hair and makeup in just 30 minutes or maybe less, but on days off from the KPOP spotlight, she shares that she sill makes use of her favorite BB Cream to look her best.
    With incredibly hectic schedule-take for example, her current shoot for one of Etude House’s newest products, Dara and the Etude House team has been working hard all day long-maybe even up to the wee hours of the morning just to perfect all the shots. To de-stress from her exciting, and jampacked work schedule, Dara enjoys getting a massage, succumbing to her food cravings (sinigang in her favorite as well as a local spaghetti here in the Philippines), and shopping with her girl friends, one of which is Bom – another 2NE1 member and who Dara considers as one of her best friends. She shares that it’s actually Bom who tries to bring out her girlier side by encouraging her to experiment with makeup, “Bom really likes to put on makeup. Sometimes when we have something to do for work and there’s no makeup artist available, siya yung nagme-makeup sa akin. We buy makeup together, then tinuturuan niya ko kung anong bibilhin ko as well as how to use different products like eyeliner,” Aside from Bom and the rest of the girls of 2NE1, Dara is also still close to her friends from ABS-CBN, who she was able to bond with during a recent holiday here in the Philippines. Which she says that she’s now far from the “krung-krung” that her fans in the Philippines have known her to be, she admits that she’s still the same bubbly, giddy, Sandara – minus the 24/7 pa-tweetums’. As for any big Valentine’s Day plans, in spite of the difference KPOP stars that have been linked to her, she insists that she is very much single and just keeps herself busy with work, commitments and hopes that her Filipino fans will wait for her to one day come and visit with the girls of 2NE1.
    So aside from a Japanese album and a possible US launch with the rest of 2NE1, what else can her fans expect from Dara in the near future? Just keep your eyes peeled for exciting new things that will be happening to Etude House soon.

  2. She’s so easy to reach not like other STARS, They’ve given a little of STARDOM then they think that they can act like PREMADONNAs… Dara stay as you are and WE know you can’t smile the whole time because of how tired you are but communicating and updating your ME2DAY really shows how you love your Supporters / Fans… Ms. Dara hopefully you can make a Twitter Account like Minzy and Bommie Unnie 🙂

  3. still fluent in tagalog!!! ILY Dara!!! ^_^

  4. I wrote this on a post in and I still missed it!

  5. cute ever

  6. Cn s0me1 upl0ad it plz in y0utube.?c0z i failed to watch it yestrday c0z i cnt fnd myx channel in 0ur tv..tnx in advnce.!

  7. So proud of her! I’m glad that she still knows Tagalog.

  8. she is so adorable.. love u dara… 🙂

  9. mage pelaez said:

    i cant undertand…hoping for a clear version

  10. she speaks tagalog more fluent than I am…whew!..miss you dara..^___^

  11. bleighton_chaera said:’s always fun to see and hear her speak tagalog,
    shy but always has a smile on her face,lovely!

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  13. Unbelievable…Still speaking like she never been a korean. I think she is a filipina pretending to look korean or understand hangul ^_^

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